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to keep verbo (keeps, kept, keeping)

  1. to keep (conserve; preserve)
  2. to keep (don't let go of; retain; hold)
  3. to keep
  4. to keep (can; preserve; tin)

Conjugaciones de keep:

  1. keep
  2. keep
  3. keeps
  4. keep
  5. keep
  6. keep
simple past
  1. kept
  2. kept
  3. kept
  4. kept
  5. kept
  6. kept
present perfect
  1. have kept
  2. have kept
  3. has kept
  4. have kept
  5. have kept
  6. have kept
past continuous
  1. was keeping
  2. were keeping
  3. was keeping
  4. were keeping
  5. were keeping
  6. were keeping
  1. shall keep
  2. will keep
  3. will keep
  4. shall keep
  5. will keep
  6. will keep
continuous present
  1. am keeping
  2. are keeping
  3. is keeping
  4. are keeping
  5. are keeping
  6. are keeping
  1. be kept
  2. be kept
  3. be kept
  4. be kept
  5. be kept
  6. be kept
  1. keep!
  2. let's keep!
  3. kept
  4. keeping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for keep:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
mantener maintaining
- bread and butter; donjon; dungeon; hold; livelihood; living; support; sustenance
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
adobar can; keep; preserve; tin pickle; salt; souse; tan
conservar can; conserve; keep; preserve; tin conserve; cure; guard from; insert; keep up; maintain; pickle; preserve; protect; provide for; retain; salt; save; shield; souse; support
conservar en adobo can; keep; preserve; tin marinade; pickle; salt; season; souse; spice
derrotar can; keep; preserve; tin
enlatar can; keep; preserve; tin
guardar conserve; don't let go of; hold; keep; preserve; retain close; cover; draw; fence in; fence off; guard; guard from; herd; hide away; hoard; keep and eye on; keep at home; keep up; keep watch over; lay up; lock up; look on; maintain; monitor; observe; patrol; pot; preserve; protect; put away; put in safety; put up; restrain; safeguard; salvage; save; seclude; secure; separate; set apart; shield; shut; stash away; stock; store; stuff away; supervise; tuck away; watch; watch over
mantener don't let go of; hold; keep; retain adore; aid someone financially; back someone; be fond of; continue; insist; keep up; love; maintain; not revoke; not take back; provide for; render permanent; support
poner en adobo can; keep; preserve; tin pickle; salt
tener al lado keep
- celebrate; continue; go along; go on; hold; hold back; hold on; hold open; keep back; keep on; keep open; maintain; observe; preserve; prevent; proceed; restrain; retain; save; stay fresh; sustain
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- feed; support

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Definiciones relacionadas de "keep":

  1. a cell in a jail or prison1
  2. the main tower within the walls of a medieval castle or fortress1
  3. the financial means whereby one lives1
    • each child was expected to pay for their keep1
  4. prevent (food) from rotting1
    • keep potatoes fresh1
  5. stick to correctly or closely1
    • The pianist kept time with the metronome1
    • keep count1
    • I cannot keep track of all my employees1
  6. maintain by writing regular records1
    • keep a diary1
    • keep notes1
  7. supply with necessities and support1
    • There's little to earn and many to keep1
  8. hold and prevent from leaving1
    • The student was kept after school1
  9. retain possession of1
    • Can I keep my old stuffed animals?1
    • She kept her maiden name after she married1
  10. look after; be the keeper of; have charge of1
    • He keeps the shop when I am gone1
  11. maintain for use and service1
    • I keep a car in the countryside1
    • She keeps an apartment in Paris for her shopping trips1
  12. have as a supply1
    • I always keep batteries in the freezer1
    • keep food for a week in the pantry1
    • She keeps a sixpack and a week's worth of supplies in the refrigerator1
  13. store or keep customarily1
    • Where do you keep your gardening tools?1
  14. retain rights to1
    • keep my job for me while I give birth1
    • keep my seat, please1
  15. allow to remain in a place or position or maintain a property or feature1
    • The family's fortune waned and they could not keep their household staff1
    • Our grant has run out and we cannot keep you on1
    • We kept the work going as long as we could1
  16. keep under control; keep in check1
    • keep your cool1
  17. stop (someone or something) from doing something or being in a certain state1
    • His snoring kept me from falling asleep1
  18. behave as expected during of holidays or rites1
  19. conform one's action or practice to1
    • keep appointments1
    • she never keeps her promises1
    • We kept to the original conditions of the contract1
  20. supply with room and board1
    • He is keeping three women in the guest cottage1
    • keep boarders1
  21. raise1
    • She keeps a few chickens in the yard1
    • he keeps bees1
  22. keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g.,1
    • keep clean1
    • The students keep me on my toes1
  23. continue a certain state, condition, or activity1
  24. maintain in safety from injury, harm, or danger1
    • May God keep you1
  25. fail to spoil or rot1
    • These potatoes keep for a long time1

Wiktionary: keep

  1. main tower
  1. of livestock: to raise; to care for
  2. supply with necessities and financially support a person
  3. to continue
  4. to remain in, to be confined to
  5. to maintain the condition of; to preserve
  6. to maintain possession of

Cross Translation:
keep prolongarse; subsistir; seguir siendo; durar; quedar siendo; continuar siendo blijven — voortduren, doorgaan
keep conservar; guardar bewaren — ervoor zorgen dat iets niet verloren raakt
keep conservar aufheben — etwas behalten bzw. nicht wegwerfen
keep proteger bewahren — etwas Positives auch in einer schwierigen Situation beibehalten
keep preservar; guardar; defender; resguardar gaumen — (transitiv), Schweiz: nicht antasten lassen, schützen, verteidigen
keep tener haltenphysisch: etwas durch Ausüben einer Gegenkraft an der Bewegung hindern
keep cumplir; llevar a cabo; ejecutar accomplirachever entièrement.
keep conservar conservermaintenir en bon état, apporter le soin nécessaire pour empêcher qu’une chose ne se gâter, ne dépérir.
keep continuar; durar; seguir continuerpoursuivre ce qui commencer.
keep registrar; grabar; alistar; inscribir enregistrermettre, écrire quelque chose sur un registre, ou seulement en prendre note.
keep mantener maintenirtenir ferme et fixe.
keep observar; vigilar; cumplir observer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
keep proteger; protectar; guardar; custodiar; velar protégerprendre la défense de quelqu’un, de quelque chose ; prêter secours et appui.
keep quedar; quedarse; permanecer; seguir restercontinuer d’être à un endroit ou dans un état.
keep retener retenir — Arrêter, maintenir, faire demeurer.
keep salvar sauvergarantir, préserver, tirer du péril, mettre en sûreté.
keep apretar serrer — Renfermer, ranger, mettre en lieu sûr, à l’abri. (Sens général).
keep tener; sujetar; llevar; aguantar tenir — Avoir en main, entre les bras, de manière à ne pas laisser aller.

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