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  1. lay hold of:


Traducciones detalladas de lay hold of de inglés a español

lay hold of:

to lay hold of verbo (lays hold of, laid hold of, laying hold of)

  1. to lay hold of (get hold of; lay one's hands on)

Conjugaciones de lay hold of:

  1. lay hold of
  2. lay hold of
  3. lays hold of
  4. lay hold of
  5. lay hold of
  6. lay hold of
simple past
  1. laid hold of
  2. laid hold of
  3. laid hold of
  4. laid hold of
  5. laid hold of
  6. laid hold of
present perfect
  1. have laid hold of
  2. have laid hold of
  3. has laid hold of
  4. have laid hold of
  5. have laid hold of
  6. have laid hold of
past continuous
  1. was laying hold of
  2. were laying hold of
  3. was laying hold of
  4. were laying hold of
  5. were laying hold of
  6. were laying hold of
  1. shall lay hold of
  2. will lay hold of
  3. will lay hold of
  4. shall lay hold of
  5. will lay hold of
  6. will lay hold of
continuous present
  1. am laying hold of
  2. are laying hold of
  3. is laying hold of
  4. are laying hold of
  5. are laying hold of
  6. are laying hold of
  1. be laid hold of
  2. be laid hold of
  3. be laid hold of
  4. be laid hold of
  5. be laid hold of
  6. be laid hold of
  1. lay hold of!
  2. let's lay hold of!
  3. laid hold of
  4. laying hold of
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for lay hold of:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
coger having a grip; hold; laying hands on; taking hold of; understanding
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
coger get hold of; lay hold of; lay one's hands on absorb; acquire; admit; cadge; capture; catch; chain; clamp; clasp; collar; collect; contract; enchain; expropriate; filch; gather; get; get hold of; glean; go thieving; grab; grasp; grip; harvest; lap up; lay one's hands on; make off with; mooch; nick; obsess; obtain; obtain by begging; pick; pilfer; pinch; polish off; purloin; put away; reap; receive; rob; seize; seize upon; shackle; sip up; snatch; sneak up on; snitch; startle; steal; surprise; swipe; take; take away; take hold of; take in; take unaware; take up; tattle; trap; twig

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