Traducciones detalladas de maintainable de inglés a español


maintainable adj.

  1. maintainable (preservable)
  2. maintainable (sustainable)
  3. maintainable

Translation Matrix for maintainable:

ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
aguantable maintainable; sustainable allowable; bearable; endurable; enjoyable; palatable; permissable; pleasant; supportabel; tolerable
conservable maintainable; preservable
mantenible maintainable
soportable maintainable; sustainable allowable; bearable; disgestable; easy digestable; endurable; enjoyable; palatable; permissable; pleasant; reasonable; supportabel; tolerable
sostenible maintainable

Palabras relacionadas con "maintainable":

Sinónimos de "maintainable":

Definiciones relacionadas de "maintainable":

  1. capable of being maintained1

maintainable forma de maintain:

Conjugaciones de maintain:

  1. maintain
  2. maintain
  3. maintains
  4. maintain
  5. maintain
  6. maintain
simple past
  1. maintained
  2. maintained
  3. maintained
  4. maintained
  5. maintained
  6. maintained
present perfect
  1. have maintained
  2. have maintained
  3. has maintained
  4. have maintained
  5. have maintained
  6. have maintained
past continuous
  1. was maintaining
  2. were maintaining
  3. was maintaining
  4. were maintaining
  5. were maintaining
  6. were maintaining
  1. shall maintain
  2. will maintain
  3. will maintain
  4. shall maintain
  5. will maintain
  6. will maintain
continuous present
  1. am maintaining
  2. are maintaining
  3. is maintaining
  4. are maintaining
  5. are maintaining
  6. are maintaining
  1. be maintained
  2. be maintained
  3. be maintained
  4. be maintained
  5. be maintained
  6. be maintained
  1. maintain!
  2. let's maintain!
  3. maintained
  4. maintaining
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for maintain:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
mantener maintaining
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
apoyar financieramente aid someone financially; back someone; maintain; provide for; support
conservar keep up; maintain; preserve; protect; provide for; save; support can; conserve; cure; guard from; insert; keep; pickle; preserve; retain; salt; save; shield; souse; tin
guardar keep up; maintain; preserve; protect; save close; conserve; cover; don't let go of; draw; fence in; fence off; guard; guard from; herd; hide away; hoard; hold; keep; keep and eye on; keep at home; keep watch over; lay up; lock up; look on; monitor; observe; patrol; pot; preserve; protect; put away; put in safety; put up; restrain; retain; safeguard; salvage; save; seclude; secure; separate; set apart; shield; shut; stash away; stock; store; stuff away; supervise; tuck away; watch; watch over
mantener aid someone financially; back someone; keep up; maintain; provide for; support adore; be fond of; continue; don't let go of; hold; insist; keep; love; not revoke; not take back; render permanent; retain
mantenerse hang on; hold; maintain; preserve; stand by; stand firm; uphold behave oneself; keep to; stick to
quedarse enganchado hang in; hold on; maintain; stay attached; stick
- assert; asseverate; conserve; defend; exert; hold; keep; keep up; observe; preserve; sustain; uphold; wield
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- adhere to; feed; keep to; support; vindicate

Palabras relacionadas con "maintain":

Sinónimos de "maintain":

Definiciones relacionadas de "maintain":

  1. stick to correctly or closely1
  2. support against an opponent1
  3. state categorically1
  4. state or assert1
    • He maintained his innocence1
  5. maintain by writing regular records1
    • maintain a record1
  6. supply with necessities and support1
  7. maintain for use and service1
  8. have and exercise1
  9. keep in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction1
  10. keep in a certain state, position, or activity; e.g.,1

Wiktionary: maintain

  1. to declare or affirm a point of view to be true
  2. to keep up

Cross Translation:
maintain atener; mantener handhaven — iets doen voortbestaan, aan iets vasthouden
maintain mantener; conservar erhalten — (transitiv) etwas bewahren
maintain cuidar pflegen — zum Zweck der Erhaltung bzw. Verbesserung eines Zustandes behandeln
maintain defender; propugnar; sostener verfechtenAuffassung, Meinung, Standpunkt und Anderes vehement vertreten; für etwas energisch eintreten
maintain mantener warten — (transitiv) technische Apparate pflegen und eventuell regelmäßig reparieren
maintain apoyar; empujar; sostener; amparar appuyerplacer contre quelque chose.
maintain conservar conservermaintenir en bon état, apporter le soin nécessaire pour empêcher qu’une chose ne se gâter, ne dépérir.
maintain continuar; durar; seguir continuerpoursuivre ce qui commencer.
maintain mantener entretenir — Tenir en bon état
maintain mantener maintenirtenir ferme et fixe.
maintain urgir; apremiar; apretar; presionar; insistir; acelerar; activar; adelantar; apresurar presserexercer une pression, serrer plus ou moins fort.
maintain continuar reconduireTraductions à trier suivant le sens.
maintain cuidar; atender a; cuidar de; curar; medicar soigneravoir soin de quelqu’un ou de quelque chose.
maintain tener; sujetar; llevar; aguantar tenir — Avoir en main, entre les bras, de manière à ne pas laisser aller.