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  1. mobilize:
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Traducciones detalladas de mobilize de inglés a español


to mobilize verbo, americano (mobilizes, mobilized, mobilzing)

  1. to mobilize (mobilise)

Conjugaciones de mobilize:

  1. mobilize
  2. mobilize
  3. mobilizes
  4. mobilize
  5. mobilize
  6. mobilize
simple past
  1. mobilized
  2. mobilized
  3. mobilized
  4. mobilized
  5. mobilized
  6. mobilized
present perfect
  1. have mobilized
  2. have mobilized
  3. has mobilized
  4. have mobilized
  5. have mobilized
  6. have mobilized
past continuous
  1. was mobilzing
  2. were mobilzing
  3. was mobilzing
  4. were mobilzing
  5. were mobilzing
  6. were mobilzing
  1. shall mobilize
  2. will mobilize
  3. will mobilize
  4. shall mobilize
  5. will mobilize
  6. will mobilize
continuous present
  1. am mobilzing
  2. are mobilzing
  3. is mobilzing
  4. are mobilzing
  5. are mobilzing
  6. are mobilzing
  1. be mobilized
  2. be mobilized
  3. be mobilized
  4. be mobilized
  5. be mobilized
  6. be mobilized
  1. mobilize!
  2. let's mobilize!
  3. mobilized
  4. mobilzing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for mobilize:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
mover mobilise; mobilize affect; be going to; bring down; churn; concern; convert; deposit; dislocate; go; hit; lay; laydown; lever; mix; move; move on; place; propel; push along; push on; put down; reduce; remove; resolve; set; set down; shake up; shift; simplify; situate; station; stir; strike; take down; touch; trace back; transfer; transform; walk; wrench
movilizar mobilise; mobilize
transportar mobilise; mobilize bring; bring along; carry; carry off; energise; energize; feed; lead off; remove; supply; transport; ventilate
- call up; circulate; marshal; marshall; mobilise; rally; summon

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Antónimos de "mobilize":

Definiciones relacionadas de "mobilize":

  1. cause to move around1
  2. make ready for action or use1
  3. get ready for war1
  4. call to arms; of military personnel1

Wiktionary: mobilize

Cross Translation:
mobilize movilizar mobiliseren — gevechtsklaar maken van legeronderdelen
mobilize movilizar mobiliseren — optrommelen en inschakelen van helpers, actiebereid maken van geestverwanten
mobilize movilizar mobiliser — juri|fr (vieilli) Faire une convention en vertu de laquelle un immeuble réel ou réputer tel est considérer comme meuble.