Traducciones detalladas de nonchalant de inglés a español


Translation Matrix for nonchalant:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
dejado put aside; set aside
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- casual; insouciant
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
dejado careless; nonchalant amputated; baggy; ceased; deserted; desolate; forlorn; grubby; isolated; lonely; lonesome; secluded; sequestered; slatternly; slovenly; solitary; stopped
desaliñado careless; nonchalant ash grey; ashen; confused; disorderly; grimy; gross; grubby; inattentive; messy; mixed up; muck; negligent; pell mell; rotten; seedy; shabby; smudged
descuidado careless; nonchalant abandoned; disorderly; disorederly; disorganised; disorganized; inattentive; indolent; lawless; lax; miserable; negligent; not tidy; ownerless; paltry; poor; ragged; shabby; shady; supine; unattended; undisciplined; unsightly; wild
despreocupado careless; nonchalant airy; casual; cool; dry-eyed; fresh; impassive; light-hearted; playful; unaffected; unmoved
distraído careless; nonchalant absent; inattentive; negligent; scattered; thoughtless; unconcentrated; unthinking
indiferente careless; nonchalant businesslike; calm; calmly; cold-blooded; coldly; collected; composed; cool; coolly; impassible; imperturbable; inattentive; insensitive; negligent; peaceful; placid; quiet; quietly; restful; serene; silent; still; super cooled; tranquil; unemotional; uneventful
informal careless; nonchalant casual; easy-going; familiar; informal; off the record; on familiar terms with; semi-official; unconfirmed; unofficial; unsubstantiated; unsupported
informalmente vestido careless; nonchalant
negligente careless; nonchalant inattentive; indolent; lax; negligent; supine
sin cuidado careless; nonchalant inattentive; negligent

Palabras relacionadas con "nonchalant":

  • nonchalantly

Sinónimos de "nonchalant":

Definiciones relacionadas de "nonchalant":

  1. marked by blithe unconcern1
    • drove his car with nonchalant abandon1
    • was polite in a teasing nonchalant manner1

Wiktionary: nonchalant

  1. indifferent; unconcerned; behaving as if detached

Cross Translation:
nonchalant negligente; descuidado nonchalant — achteloos, onbekommerd
nonchalant despreocupado nonchalantungezwungen, lässig, ohne Bedenken, unbekümmert
nonchalant indolente nonchalant — Qui apporter de l’insouciance, un manque de zèle, d’ardeur à tout ce qu’il doit faire.