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Traducciones detalladas de nostalgic de inglés a español


nostalgic adj.

  1. nostalgic
  2. nostalgic (melancholic; wistful; sad; pensive)

Translation Matrix for nostalgic:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
melancólico melancholic
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
melancólico melancholic; nostalgic; pensive; sad; wistful cheerless; dejected; depressed; despondent; discouraged; disheartened; dispirited; drab; dreary; dull; gloomy; grey; joyless; low spirited; melancholic; melancholy; moody; pensive; pessimistic; sad; somber; sombre; splenetic; triste; wistful
nostálgico nostalgic melancholic; sad; wistful
triste melancholic; nostalgic; pensive; sad; wistful a pity; abominable; cheerless; clowdy; dejected; depressed; despondent; disconsolate; discouraged; diseased; disheartened; dispirited; distressed; distressful; dizy; drab; dreary; dull; gloomy; grey; ill; joyless; low spirited; meager; meagre; melancholic; miserable; moody; mopish; paltry; pathetic; pensive; pessimistic; pitiful; plaintive; poor; rainy; sad; somber; sombre; sorrowful; sorry; suffering from a disease; terrible; too bad; triste; unfortunate; weak; wistful; woeful; wretched

Sinónimos de "nostalgic":

  • homesick; unhappy

Definiciones relacionadas de "nostalgic":

  1. unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things or persons1

Wiktionary: nostalgic

  1. pertaining to nostalgia

Cross Translation:
nostalgic nostálgico nostalgique — relatif à la nostalgie