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pain [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the pain (sorrow; grief; misery; distress; sadness)
    el dolor; el duelo; el daño; la pesadumbre; la pena; la tristeza; el pesar; la desgracia; el disgusto; la miseria; la aflicción
  2. the pain (sore; aching)
    el dolor; el daño
  3. the pain (torment; agony; torture)
    el inconveniente; la calamidad; la pesada; el sostenido; la bromista; la cruces; el vejamen; el avinagrado

Translation Matrix for pain:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
aflicción distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow acridity; annoyance; bitterness; calamity; catastrophe; chagrin; dejection; depression; depression of spirits; despair; desperation; despondency; disaster; distress; embitterment; grief; melancholy; misery; misfortune; mournfulness; regret; sadness; sorrow; squalor; trouble; vexation; wistfulness
avinagrado agony; pain; torment; torture grief; miser; sourpuss
bromista agony; pain; torment; torture clown; comedian; comic; funnyman; hoaxer; joker; nuisance; queer chap; queer fellow; rascal; rogue; scoundrel; slyboots; wag
calamidad agony; pain; torment; torture calamity; catastrophe; epidemic; joke; nuisance; pestilence; plague
cruces agony; pain; torment; torture crosses
daño aching; distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sore; sorrow annoyance; chagrin; damage; damaging; desecration; detriment; harm; harming; injury; loss; mutilation; the harming of; vexation
desgracia distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow accident; adversity; authorisation; authorization; bad luck; calamity; catastrophe; chicanery; destitution; disaster; disfavor; disfavour; disgrace; evil; fuss; harping on; hassle; misery; misfortune; misère; moaning; nagging; ordeal; reverse; sorrow; squalor; test; testing; tribulation; trouble; trouble making
disgusto distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow anger; antipathy; aversion; discomfort; discontent; discontentedness; discord; disgruntlement; disinclination; dislike; displeasure; dissatisfaction; distaste; feeling broken hearted; fury; hackle; heartache; heartbreak; ill-pleasure; irritability; irritation; malcontentedness; pangs of love; pique; rage; reluctance; revulsion; unpleasantness; wrath
dolor aching; distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sore; sorrow afflictions; annoyance; chagrin; distress; grief; sorrow; sorrows; vexation
duelo distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow affaire d'honneur; annoyance; chagrin; doubt; duel; grief; hesitation; indecision; indecisiveness; man-to-man fight; shilly-shallying; single combat; tandem; twosome; vacillation; vexation
inconveniente agony; pain; torment; torture complaint; damage; disadvantage; drawback; inconvenience; loss; nuisance
miseria distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow adversity; annoyance; blows; calamity; catastrophe; chagrin; chicanery; dearth; destitution; difficulty; disaster; disasters; discomforts; fuss; grief; hardship; harping on; hassle; helplessness; lack; meagerness; meagreness; miserability; misery; misfortune; misfortunes; moaning; nagging; necessity; need; neediness; parsimony; paucity; penury; poverty; problems; punches; sadness; scantiness; slenderness; sorrow; squalor; trouble; trouble making; troubles; vexation; want
pena distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow annoyance; chagrin; compassion; dejection; depression; despair; desperation; despondency; difficulty; distress; grief; helplessness; melancholy; mournfulness; need; pity; punishing device; punishment; regret; sadness; sorrow; vexation; wistfulness
pesada agony; pain; torment; torture nuisance
pesadumbre distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow broken heart; grief; heart-break; heart-feld grief; heartache; helplessness; need; sadness; sorrow
pesar distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow annoyance; chagrin; dejection; depression; distress; grief; melancholy; mournfulness; regret; sadness; sorrow; vexation; wistfulness
sostenido agony; pain; torment; torture
tristeza distress; grief; misery; pain; sadness; sorrow afflictions; annoyance; chagrin; dejectedness; dejection; depression; despair; desperation; despondency; distress; gloom; grief; melancholy; mournfulness; pitifulness; regret; sadness; somberness; sombreness; sorrow; sorrows; vexation; wistfulness
vejamen agony; pain; torment; torture gibe; jeer; taunt
- annoyance; bother; botheration; hurting; infliction; nuisance; pain in the ass; pain in the neck; pain sensation; painful sensation; painfulness
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
pesar librate; weigh; weigh out
- ail; anguish; hurt; trouble
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
avinagrado edgy; grumbling; grumpy; irritated; sulky; vexed
inconveniente detrimental; disadvantuous; immoral; indecent; shady; unfavorable; unfavourable; unprofitable
sostenido persevered; propped; propped up; stood; supported

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  1. a somatic sensation of acute discomfort1
    • as the intensity increased the sensation changed from tickle to pain1
  2. something or someone that causes trouble; a source of unhappiness1
  3. emotional distress; a fundamental feeling that people try to avoid1
    • the pain of loneliness1
  4. a bothersome annoying person1
    • that kid is a terrible pain1
  5. a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder1
    • the patient developed severe pain and distension1
  6. cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed1
  7. cause emotional anguish or make miserable1
    • It pains me to see my children not being taught well in school1

Wiktionary: pain

  1. ache or bodily suffering
  2. suffering or anguish, especially mental
  3. suffering as punishment
  4. -
  1. to hurt; to put to bodily uneasiness or anguish
  2. to render uneasy in mind, to grieve
  3. to inflict suffering upon as a penalty

Cross Translation:
pain dolor pijn — lichamelijk leed
pain dolor PeinSchmerz, Qual
pain tormento; dolor QualSchmerz, Leid, etwas physisch oder psychisch belastendes
pain dolor SchmerzMedizin: unangenehme Sinneswahrnehmung, die aufgrund einer äußeren Verletzung auftritt (physiologischer Schmerz)
pain pena SchmerzPsychologie: unangenehme Sinneswahrnehmung, die aufgrund einer seelischen Verletzung auftritt (psychischer Schmerz)
pain aflicción affliction — État d’abattement produit par un évènement malheureux.
pain dolor douleurimpression de souffrance, état pénible produire par un mal physique.
pain aflicción désolationextrême affliction.

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