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push off:

push off adj.

  1. push off (shoo; away; go)

Conjugaciones de push off:

  1. push off
  2. push off
  3. pushes off
  4. push off
  5. push off
  6. push off
simple past
  1. pushed off
  2. pushed off
  3. pushed off
  4. pushed off
  5. pushed off
  6. pushed off
present perfect
  1. have pushed off
  2. have pushed off
  3. has pushed off
  4. have pushed off
  5. have pushed off
  6. have pushed off
past continuous
  1. was pushing off
  2. were pushing off
  3. was pushing off
  4. were pushing off
  5. were pushing off
  6. were pushing off
  1. shall push off
  2. will push off
  3. will push off
  4. shall push off
  5. will push off
  6. will push off
continuous present
  1. am pushing off
  2. are pushing off
  3. is pushing off
  4. are pushing off
  5. are pushing off
  6. are pushing off
  1. be pushed off
  2. be pushed off
  3. be pushed off
  4. be pushed off
  5. be pushed off
  6. be pushed off
  1. push off!
  2. let's push off!
  3. pushed off
  4. pushing off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for push off:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
apartar averting; lay by; turning away
largarse beat it
rebotar fling back; ricochet; strike back
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
apartar pass the buck; push off; shift onto accomodate someone; avert; board; dissociate from; divert; fend off; get undone; isolate; keep off; lay aside; lay off; lodge; offer someone lodges; parry; place; place apart; pull out; put apart; put away; save; seclude; send; separate; set apart; shelter; station; store; swing; turn; turn away; unpick; untie; veer
deshacerse de knock off; push off; shove off clean; clear away; discard; discharge; disgorge; dispose; drain; empty; expel; put away; remove; sell; tidy up
echar a patadas hit off; knock off; push off; shove off kick away; thrust off
empujar hacia abajo push off force down; press down; push down
empujar para abajo push off
irse a la mierda beat it; bugger off; bugger up; buzz off; clear out; fuck off; get; get lost; get on; go astray; go away; go to hell; move on; pack it; piss off; push off; scram
largarse beat it; bugger off; bugger up; buzz off; clear out; fuck off; get; get lost; get on; go astray; go away; go to hell; move on; pack it; piss off; push off; scram be off; beat it; break away from; break up; clear off; defect; depart; desert; do a moonlight flit; duck out; get lost; go; go away; go to hell; go with the wind; grease; leave; leave for; make a duck; make off; make oneself scarce; rub in; run away; run off; sail; set out; skedaddle; slip quietly into the night; smear; split; squeeze out of it; start; take off; travel; walk away; walk off; walk out
rebotar knock off; push off; shove off bounce; burst off; crack off; decline; fly off; glance off; jump back; leap backwards; rebound; recoil; refuse; reject; ricochet; ricochet off; snap back; spatter off; spring back; turn down
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
fuera de aquí away; go; push off; shoo

Wiktionary: push off

Cross Translation:
push off esfumarse; ir; largarse abschieben — sich entfernen, den Standort wechseln

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