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to regress verbo (regresses, regressed, regressing)

  1. to regress (decline; waining)

Conjugaciones de regress:

  1. regress
  2. regress
  3. regresses
  4. regress
  5. regress
  6. regress
simple past
  1. regressed
  2. regressed
  3. regressed
  4. regressed
  5. regressed
  6. regressed
present perfect
  1. have regressed
  2. have regressed
  3. has regressed
  4. have regressed
  5. have regressed
  6. have regressed
past continuous
  1. was regressing
  2. were regressing
  3. was regressing
  4. were regressing
  5. were regressing
  6. were regressing
  1. shall regress
  2. will regress
  3. will regress
  4. shall regress
  5. will regress
  6. will regress
continuous present
  1. am regressing
  2. are regressing
  3. is regressing
  4. are regressing
  5. are regressing
  6. are regressing
  1. be regressed
  2. be regressed
  3. be regressed
  4. be regressed
  5. be regressed
  6. be regressed
  1. regress!
  2. let's regress!
  3. regressed
  4. regressing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for regress:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
abreviar abbreviating; abridging; shortening
bajar descending
desaparecer ceasing; deceasing; dropping out; dying; withdrawing
descender climbing down; descending
disminuir declining in force; decrease in power; decrease in strength; weakening
llevarse lead away
regresar comebacks; returns
robar stems
vencer elapsing; lapsing; passing
- reasoning backward; regression; retrogression; retroversion; reversion
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
abreviar decline; regress; waining abbreviate; abridge; clip; condense; crop; curtail; cut down; cut short; lower; mark down; recapitulate; reduce; shorten; trim
ahorrar decline; regress; waining allow; bank; collect; cut down; donate; economise; economize; gather together; give; glean; horde; moderate; pick up; put money in the bank; save; save up; spare; use less
bajar decline; regress; waining become lower; break away; bring down; climb down; descend; dismount; drop; duck out; elude; escape; fall; get away; get down; get off; get out; give in; go down; go to; head for; make a duck; make for; plummet; pull down; sink; slip quietly into the night; slump; squeeze out of it; step down; step out; surrender; take a plunge; take down from; tumble
decaer decline; regress; waining be slovenly; break down; break off; break up; collapse; crumble; decay; disintegrate; fall apart; fall into decay; fall to bits; fall to pieces; go to ruin; neglect; spoil
decrecer decline; regress; waining decrease; diminish; dwindle; go down; shrink; sink
desaparecer decline; regress; waining be killed; be killed in action; be lost; be missed; be missing; bear; blame; depart this earth; depart this life; die; disappear; endure; fall; hold it against s.o.; lose; miss; move house; pass away; perish; rebuke; remove; reprimand; reproach; resent; stand; succumb; sustain; vanish
descender decline; regress; waining break away; bulge out; climb off; come down; descend; drive down; drop; duck out; elude; escape; fall; fall down; get away; give in; go down; land; let descent; lower; make a duck; sag; sink; slip quietly into the night; squeeze out of it; surrender; tumble
disminuir decline; regress; waining allay; be shortcoming; calm down; cool down; crop; decline; decrease; diminishing; drop; dwindle; fall; go down; go thieving; make smaller; minimise; minimize; reduce; remove; scale down; shorten; shrink; sink; slacken; soothe; subside; take away; trim; tumble; wain
llevarse decline; regress; waining accompany; carry away; carry off; deprive; see off; take away; take in
menguar decline; regress; waining decrease; drain away; go down; shrink; sink
rebajar decline; regress; waining lower; make smaller; mark down; put back; reduce; replace
recortar decline; regress; waining chisel off; chop down; clip; clip out; confine; crop; curtail; cut; cut away; cut back; cut down; cut off; cut out; fell; limit; make smaller; reduce; restrict; style someone's hair; trim; trim away
reducir decline; regress; waining bring down; confine; crop; curtail; cut back; damage; decrease; diminish; do harm; dwindle; force back; go down; harm; lessen; limit; make smaller; mark down; minimise; minimize; reduce; scale down; shorten; shrink; shrink away; simplify; sink; slacken; take down; trace back; trim
regresar decline; regress; waining backpedal; backtrack; come back; dismiss; drive back; drop; go back; return; ride back; swing; turn; turn around; veer
remover decline; regress; waining budge; deprive; get going; grabble; mix; move; move house; put in motion; rummage; scramble; set in motion; stir
robar decline; regress; waining cadge; cajole; coax; collar; cuddle; deprive; expropriate; filch; go thieving; loot; make off with; mooch; nick; obtain by begging; pilfer; pillage; pinch; plunder; purloin; raid; rob; snatch; snitch; steal; swipe; take; take away; wheedle
vencer decline; regress; waining age; break down; break off; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; bring to submission; bring under control; come to an end; conclude; conquer; control; decide; end; finish; finish off; gain the day; gain the victory; give way; go to pieces; master; overcome; overpower; stop; subject; tame; terminate; win; win over; wind up
- fall back; lapse; recidivate; relapse; retrograde; retrogress; retrovert; return; revert; turn back

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Definiciones relacionadas de "regress":

  1. returning to a former state1
  2. the reasoning involved when you assume the conclusion is true and reason backward to the evidence1
  3. go back to bad behavior1
  4. get worse or fall back to a previous condition1
  5. go back to a previous state1
  6. go back to a statistical means1

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Cross Translation:
regress retroceder; diferir; aplazar; ceder reculertirer ou pousser un objet en arrière.