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to replace verbo (replaces, replaced, replacing)

  1. to replace (substitute; interchange; swap; reappoint)
  2. to replace
  3. to replace (put back)
  4. to replace
    – To put new data in the place of other data, usually after conducting a search for the data to be replaced. Text-based applications such as word processors typically include Find and Replace commands. 1

Conjugaciones de replace:

  1. replace
  2. replace
  3. replaces
  4. replace
  5. replace
  6. replace
simple past
  1. replaced
  2. replaced
  3. replaced
  4. replaced
  5. replaced
  6. replaced
present perfect
  1. have replaced
  2. have replaced
  3. has replaced
  4. have replaced
  5. have replaced
  6. have replaced
past continuous
  1. was replacing
  2. were replacing
  3. was replacing
  4. were replacing
  5. were replacing
  6. were replacing
  1. shall replace
  2. will replace
  3. will replace
  4. shall replace
  5. will replace
  6. will replace
continuous present
  1. am replacing
  2. are replacing
  3. is replacing
  4. are replacing
  5. are replacing
  6. are replacing
  1. be replaced
  2. be replaced
  3. be replaced
  4. be replaced
  5. be replaced
  6. be replaced
  1. replace!
  2. let's replace!
  3. replaced
  4. replacing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for replace:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cambiar interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap Swap; alter; barter; change; change for; change over; convert; create; exchange; fluctuate; interchange; invent; make; modify; redevelop; reform; renew; renovate; reshape; restore; resume; reverse; rewrite; shift; shunt; stop over; swap; swing around; swing round; switch; swop; trade; trade in; transform; transpose; turn; twist; vary
cambiar por interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap alter; change; convert; create; interchange; invent; make; reverse; switch; transform; transpose; vary
poner de nuevo put back; replace
rebajar put back; replace decline; lower; make smaller; mark down; reduce; regress; waining
reemplazar interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap become aware of; behold; enlarge; expand; extend; increase; increase in number; notice; override; perceive; see; see in
renovar interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap better; change; correct; do over again; exchange; fix up; get better; improve; interchange; make better; put new life into; rebuild; reconstruct; redevelop; refresh; renew; renovate; restore; resume; revitalise; revitalize; swap; trade
reponer interchange; put back; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap
sustituir interchange; reappoint; replace; substitute; swap
volver a poner put back; replace
volver a su lugar put back; replace
- exchange; interchange; put back; substitute; supercede; supersede; supervene upon; supplant

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  1. substitute a person or thing for (another that is broken or inefficient or lost or no longer working or yielding what is expected)2
    • He replaced the old razor blade2
    • We need to replace the secretary that left a month ago2
    • the insurance will replace the lost income2
    • This antique vase can never be replaced2
  2. put something back where it belongs2
    • replace the book on the shelf after you have finished reading it2
  3. put in the place of another; switch seemingly equivalent items2
    • the con artist replaced the original with a fake Rembrandt2
  4. take the place or move into the position of2
    • Smith replaced Miller as CEO after Miller left2
    • Mary replaced Susan as the team's captain and the highest-ranked player in the school2
  5. To put new data in the place of other data, usually after conducting a search for the data to be replaced. Text-based applications such as word processors typically include Find and Replace commands.1

Wiktionary: replace

  1. to substitute

Cross Translation:
replace sustituir; substituir; reemplazar vervangen — het ene de plaats doen innemen van het andere
replace reponer terugleggen — terug plaatsen
replace reemplazar; sustituir; cambiar ersetzen — (transitiv) etwas entfernen und an dieselbe Stelle etwas anderes setzen
replace substituir; reemplazar remplacersuccéder à quelqu’un dans une place, dans un emploi.
replace substituir substituermettre une personne, une chose à la place d’une autre.

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