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selection [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the selection (assortment)
    la colección; el surtido; la selección; el escogimiento; la elección
  2. the selection (assortment)
    la selección; la colección; la tría; el escogimiento
  3. the selection (election; choice)
    la elección; la predestinación; la opción
  4. the selection (choice; pick)
    la selección; la elección; la preferencia; la predilección
  5. the selection
    – The portion of an on-screen file that has been marked as subject to user action. 1
    la selección

Translation Matrix for selection:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
colección assortment; selection accumulation; clutter; collection; collection of poems; compilation; gathering; heap; hotchpotch; jumble; load; match pair; medley; mishmash; pack; pile; piling up; set; sifting; sorting; team; volume of poems
elección assortment; choice; election; pick; selection alternative; choice; fancy; liking; option; possibility of making choices; preference; taste
escogimiento assortment; selection
opción choice; election; selection alternative; choice; option; possibility of making choices
predestinación choice; election; selection predestination
predilección choice; pick; selection choice; fancy; liking; preference; taste
preferencia choice; pick; selection alternative; choice; fancy; liking; option; precedence; preference; priority; taste
selección assortment; choice; pick; selection accumulation; alternative; anthology; choice; choice selection of texts; clutter; collection; compilation; gathering; option; pack; pile; piling up; possibility of making choices; shifting; sifting; sorting
surtido assortment; selection
tría assortment; selection
- choice; excerpt; excerption; extract; natural selection; option; pick; survival; survival of the fittest
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
surtido chosen; picked; selected

Palabras relacionadas con "selection":

  • selections

Sinónimos de "selection":

Definiciones relacionadas de "selection":

  1. the act of choosing or selecting2
  2. the person or thing chosen or selected2
  3. a passage selected from a larger work2
  4. an assortment of things from which a choice can be made2
    • the store carried a large selection of shoes2
  5. a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment2
  6. The portion of an on-screen file that has been marked as subject to user action.1

Wiktionary: selection

  1. process or act of selecting
  2. something selected

Cross Translation:
selection selección Auslese — das Auswählen des oder der Besten
selection selección Auswahl — der Vorgang, bei dem etwas mit gewünschten Merkmalen aus einer Menge entnehmen wird
selection elección Wahl — zwischen zwei oder mehreren Möglichkeiten entscheiden können
selection elección choixaction de choisir.

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