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  1. send to:


Traducciones detalladas de send to de inglés a español

send to:

to send to verbo (sends to, sent to, sending to)

  1. to send to (send; remit; forward)
    enviar; mandar; mandar a

Conjugaciones de send to:

  1. send to
  2. send to
  3. sends to
  4. send to
  5. send to
  6. send to
simple past
  1. sent to
  2. sent to
  3. sent to
  4. sent to
  5. sent to
  6. sent to
present perfect
  1. have sent to
  2. have sent to
  3. has sent to
  4. have sent to
  5. have sent to
  6. have sent to
past continuous
  1. was sending to
  2. were sending to
  3. was sending to
  4. were sending to
  5. were sending to
  6. were sending to
  1. shall send to
  2. will send to
  3. will send to
  4. shall send to
  5. will send to
  6. will send to
continuous present
  1. am sending to
  2. are sending to
  3. is sending to
  4. are sending to
  5. are sending to
  6. are sending to
  1. be sent to
  2. be sent to
  3. be sent to
  4. be sent to
  5. be sent to
  6. be sent to
  1. send to!
  2. let's send to!
  3. sent to
  4. sending to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for send to:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
enviar dispatch; shipment
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
enviar forward; remit; send; send to capitulate; contribute; decline; discharge; dismiss; dispatch; drop; email; enter; fire; forward; forward on; give up; hand oneself in; hand oneself over to; lay off; mail; redirect; refuse; reject; release; sack; send; send in; send on; send round; ship; submit; supply; turn down
mandar forward; remit; send; send to aggravate; assign to; be in command of; bid; bring; burden; capitulate; charge; command; commission; contribute; decree; dedicate; deliver; deliver to the door; devote; dictate; direct; discharge; dismiss; dominate; drop; enter; exert power; fire; force; give an order; give up; hand oneself in; hand oneself over to; hand over; have the upper hand; instruct; lay off; lead; leave; mail; majorate; ordain; order; predominate; preside; prevail; release; rule; sack; send; send in; ship; supply; take the lead
mandar a forward; remit; send; send to drive to; steer to

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