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Translation Matrix for sickly:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
mal Beelzebuub; Lord of Evil; Lucifer; Prince of Darkness; Satan; ailment; complaint; daemon; demon; devil; disease; disorder; inconvenience; nuisance; trouble; wickedness
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- ailing; indisposed; peaked; poorly; sallow; seedy; under the weather; unwell
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- nauseating; repulsive; yucky
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
enfermito ailing; in bad health; sickly
enfermizo ailing; in bad health; sickly abstemious; ailing; bland; clumsy; dim; doltish; faded; faint; feeble; frail; gawky; lurid; maladroit; nauseous; not very good; owlish; pale; pathological; poor; queasy; sallow; sick; stiff; uneasy; unhandy; wan; washed out; weak; wooden
lánguido languishing; lingering; sickly bland; dim; drained; faded; faint; hankering; languid; listless; longing; lurid; pale; sallow; washed out; yearning
mal nasty; nauseous; sick; sickly all wrong; angry; bad; badly; contrarily; crooked; devilish; diseased; enraged; evil-minded; false; grown crooked; ill; irate; livid; low; malicious; mean; satanic; seething; suffering from a disease; vicious; with evil intention
marchito languishing; lingering; sickly faded; seedy; shabby; unsightly; wilted; withered
mareado ailing; in bad health; nasty; nauseous; sick; sickly carsick; dizzy; miserable; mortally ill; naseaus; nauseous; queasy; rotten; seasick; sick; train-sick; travel-sick; wretched

Palabras relacionadas con "sickly":

  • sicklier, sickliest

Sinónimos de "sickly":

Definiciones relacionadas de "sickly":

  1. unhealthy looking1
  2. somewhat ill or prone to illness1
    • a sickly child1

Wiktionary: sickly

  1. frequently ill
  2. having the appearance of sickness
  3. weak, faint

Cross Translation:
sickly enclenque ziekelijk — geneigd om vaak ziek te zijn
sickly valetudinario valétudinaire — vieux|fr Qui est maladif, qui est souvent malade réf|2.

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