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to spread verbo (spreads, spread, spreading)

  1. to spread (sprinkle; disperse; scatter; )
  2. to spread
  3. to spread
  4. to spread (carry out a message; disseminate)
  5. to spread (put ready; lay out)
  6. to spread (widen; broaden)
  7. to spread (rub in)

Conjugaciones de spread:

  1. spread
  2. spread
  3. spreads
  4. spread
  5. spread
  6. spread
simple past
  1. spread
  2. spread
  3. spread
  4. spread
  5. spread
  6. spread
present perfect
  1. have spread
  2. have spread
  3. has spread
  4. have spread
  5. have spread
  6. have spread
past continuous
  1. was spreading
  2. were spreading
  3. was spreading
  4. were spreading
  5. were spreading
  6. were spreading
  1. shall spread
  2. will spread
  3. will spread
  4. shall spread
  5. will spread
  6. will spread
continuous present
  1. am spreading
  2. are spreading
  3. is spreading
  4. are spreading
  5. are spreading
  6. are spreading
  1. be spread
  2. be spread
  3. be spread
  4. be spread
  5. be spread
  6. be spread
  1. spread!
  2. let's spread!
  3. spread
  4. spreading
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

spread adj.

  1. spread

spread [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the spread (feast; banquet; festive dinner; festive meal)
    el banquete
  2. the spread (sandwich filling; sandwich spread)
    – a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes 1
  3. the spread
    – A small overlap that extends the shape of the upper of two differently colored, abutting objects. A spread extends beyond the area that it knocks out. 2

Translation Matrix for spread:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
aplicar administring
banquete banquet; feast; festive dinner; festive meal; spread banquet; beanery; canteen; eating house; eating-house; feast; festive dinner; gala dinner; restaurant; score; supper
cubrimiento para sandwiches sandwich filling; sandwich spread; spread
fregar mopping the floor; scrubbing; washing the floor
frotar scrubbing
- banquet; bed cover; bed covering; bedcover; bedspread; cattle farm; cattle ranch; counterpane; facing pages; feast; gap; paste; ranch; scatter; spread head; spreadhead; spreading
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
aplicar rub in; spread administer; adopt; apply; avail oneself of; employ; enforce; engage; implement; make use of; place; position; practice; practise; put; rub in; situate; take; use; utilise; utilize
dejar preparado lay out; put ready; spread lay out; put ready
desplegar spread alter; cast off; change; chissel out; clarify; create; develop; dig out; dig up; distribute; eat heartily; eat hungrily; excavate; exhume; explain; expose; fold open; fold out; hand out; having a good feed; interchange; invent; lay open; make; make clear; make explicit; open up; ration; show off; spread out; switch; transform; unearth; unfold; vary; work inside
dispersarse spread blow; break up; disperse; dissipate; fly about; scatter
encerar rub in; spread brush up; buff; doll up; polish; rub in; rub smooth; shine up; smooth; smudge; spruce up; strike; trick up; wax
engrasar rub in; spread grease; lubricate; oil; rub in; smear
ensanchar broaden; spread; widen
espaciar spread interspace; space; stack
esparcir cast around; disperse; scatter; sow; spread; sprinkle; strew about; toss about cover with; distribute; dust with; hand out; ration; spread apart; sprinkle with
extender spread add; add on to; allocate; allot; assign; attract attention; be conspicuous; bestow on; build out; confer; distribute; enlarge; expand; extend; fold out; give; hand out; increase; increase in number; jut out; leap out; prance; protrude; ration; show off; spread out; stand out; stick out; swell; unfold; widen
fregar rub in; spread brush up; buff; doll up; mop up; polish; rub in; rub smooth; scour; scrub; scrub off; scrub-clean; smooth; spruce up; trick up
frotar rub in; spread brush up; buff; doll up; grate; polish; pound; rub in; rub smooth; scour; scrape; scratch; scratch off; screech; scrub; smooth; spruce up; sweep; trick up
lubricar rub in; spread grease; lubricate; oil; rub in; smear
predicar carry out a message; disseminate; spread deliver a sermon; disseminate; metastasise; metastasize; preach; sow
pregonar cast around; disperse; scatter; sow; spread; sprinkle; strew about; toss about
proliferar spread curse; swear
sembrar a voleo cast around; disperse; scatter; sow; spread; sprinkle; strew about; toss about
- circulate; diffuse; distribute; fan out; go around; open; overspread; propagate; scatter; spread out; unfold
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- dispersed; outspread
Not SpecifiedTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
reventado negativo spread
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- dessemination; dispers; distribution; divided; expand; extension; general; prevailing; prevalent; propagation; spread out; spreading; stretched; unfold; widely spread; widespread
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
extendido spread elongated; stretched
separado spread apart; aside; bachelor; deserted; desolate; dissolved; distinctive; divorced; fallen apart; forlorn; free-standing; from each other; isolated; lonely; lonesome; loose; not tight; on its own; parted; quarantined; secluded; separate; separated; sequestered; single; solitary; solo; spinster; split up; taken apart; unattached; untight

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Definiciones relacionadas de "spread":

  1. distributed or spread over a considerable extent1
    • eleven million Jews are spread throughout Europe1
  2. fully extended in width1
    • with arms spread wide1
  3. prepared or arranged for a meal; especially having food set out1
    • a table spread with food1
  4. act of extending over a wider scope or expanse of space or time1
  5. decorative cover for a bed1
  6. farm consisting of a large tract of land along with facilities needed to raise livestock (especially cattle)1
  7. a conspicuous disparity or difference as between two figures1
    • the spread between lending and borrowing costs1
  8. a haphazard distribution in all directions1
  9. the expansion of a person's girth (especially at middle age)1
    • she exercised to avoid that middle-aged spread1
  10. two facing pages of a book or other publication1
  11. process or result of distributing or extending over a wide expanse of space1
  12. a meal that is well prepared and greatly enjoyed1
    • they put out quite a spread1
  13. a tasty mixture to be spread on bread or crackers or used in preparing other dishes1
  14. become widely known and passed on1
    • the rumor spread1
  15. distribute or disperse widely1
    • The invaders spread their language all over the country1
  16. become distributed or widespread1
    • the infection spread1
    • Optimism spread among the population1
  17. spread out or open from a closed or folded state1
    • spread your arms1
  18. distribute over a surface in a layer1
    • spread cheese on a piece of bread1
  19. cover by spreading something over1
    • spread the bread with cheese1
  20. move outward1
  21. strew or distribute over an area1
    • He spread fertilizer over the lawn1
  22. spread across or over1
    • A big oil spot spread across the water1
  23. A small overlap that extends the shape of the upper of two differently colored, abutting objects. A spread extends beyond the area that it knocks out.2

Wiktionary: spread

  1. to stretch out, expand
  2. to disperse, scatter
  3. to smear, distribute in a thin layer
  4. (transitive) to disseminate, make known or present

Cross Translation:
spread desplegar; desdoblar uitleggen — iets leggend uitspreiden
spread untar smeren — met een zachte massa bestrijken
spread lo que se unta en el pan; alimento untable AufstrichStreichkäse- oder ButterBelag eines Brotes, der mit einem Messer oder Ähnlichem auftragen (aufstreichen) wird
spread alimento untable Brotaufstrich — weiches Nahrungsmittel, das man mit einem Streichmesser auf Brot oder Brötchen auftragen kann
spread divulgar kolportieren — Gerüchte verbreiten
spread extender verstreichen — eine verteilbare Masse auf einer Oberfläche auftragen
spread untar; engrasar enduire — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
spread propagar propagermultiplier par voie de génération, de reproduction.
spread propagar; desparramar; difundir; esparcir répandreépancher ; verser ; laisser tomber un liquide.
spread untar tartiner — Action d’étaler, étendre (du beurre, de la confiture, etc) sur une tranche de pain.
spread ostentar; untar; engrasar étalerTraductions à trier suivant le sens.
spread extender; estirar; desenvolver; tender étendre — Traductions à trier suivant le sens

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