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  1. strike out:
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Traducciones detalladas de strike out de inglés a español

strike out:

to strike out verbo (strikes out, struck out, striking out)

  1. to strike out (delete; cancel)

Conjugaciones de strike out:

  1. strike out
  2. strike out
  3. strikes out
  4. strike out
  5. strike out
  6. strike out
simple past
  1. struck out
  2. struck out
  3. struck out
  4. struck out
  5. struck out
  6. struck out
present perfect
  1. have struck out
  2. have struck out
  3. has struck out
  4. have struck out
  5. have struck out
  6. have struck out
past continuous
  1. was striking out
  2. were striking out
  3. was striking out
  4. were striking out
  5. were striking out
  6. were striking out
  1. shall strike out
  2. will strike out
  3. will strike out
  4. shall strike out
  5. will strike out
  6. will strike out
continuous present
  1. am striking out
  2. are striking out
  3. is striking out
  4. are striking out
  5. are striking out
  6. are striking out
  1. be struck out
  2. be struck out
  3. be struck out
  4. be struck out
  5. be struck out
  6. be struck out
  1. strike out!
  2. let's strike out!
  3. struck out
  4. striking out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for strike out:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
anular lifting; revoking; withdrawal
eliminar clearing away; doing s.o. in; killing
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
anular cancel; delete; strike out abandon; abolish; abort; annul; cancel; cancel an appointment; decline; desist; hold up; neutralise; neutralize; nullify; postpone; recall; recant; refuse; reject; repeal; rescind; resign; reverse; revoke; slacken; terminate; turn down; undo; unhitch; unpick; void
cancelar cancel; delete; strike out abandon; abolish; annul; cancel; desist; hold up; neutralise; neutralize; nullify; postpone; rescind; undo; unhitch; unpick
eliminar cancel; delete; strike out accuse; annul; blame; delete; demolish; disband; discredit; dismantle; disqualify; eliminate; expel; hold against; liquidate; nullify; rebuke; reprimand; reproach; rescind; undo; write off
- cross off; cross out; mark; retire; strike off
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
anular circular; ring-shaped; rotund; round

Sinónimos de "strike out":

Definiciones relacionadas de "strike out":

  1. set out on a course of action1
  2. remove from a list1
  3. cause to get out1
  4. put out or be put out by a strikeout1
  5. make a motion as with one's fist or foot towards an object or away from one's body1
  6. be unsuccessful in an endeavor1

Wiktionary: strike out

strike out
  1. baseball: to cause a batter to be retired after three missed swings

Cross Translation:
strike out borrar löschenInformationen oder Einträge aus Dateien, Datensammlungen oder Datenbanken entfernen
strike out privar el paso; interceptar; obstruir barrerfermer avec une barre par-derrière.
strike out tachar biffereffacer ce qui écrire.
strike out tachar rayer — Effacer, raturer, faire une raie, passer un trait de plume sur ce qui est écrit

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