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Traducciones detalladas de sublime de inglés a español


Translation Matrix for sublime:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- sublimate
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- empyreal; empyrean; reverend
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
brillante choice; excellent; first-rate; great; perfect; sublime; superb; terrific; tiptop beaming; beautiful; blinding; brainy; bright; brilliant; clever; dazzling; delightful; exceptionally beautiful; fanciful; flaunting; glistening; glittering; glorious; glossy; grand; grandiose; great; highly gifted; intelligent; knowledgable; luminous; marvellous; marvelous; phosphorescent; radiant; radiating; reflective; sensible; sharp; shining; shiny; showing; smart; sparkling; splendid; swell; wise; wonderful
de elevados príncipos elevated; exalted; lofty; sublime
elevado elevated; exalted; lofty; sublime distinguished; high ranking; highranking; illustrious; noteworthy; renowned; stately; weighty
excelente choice; excellent; first-rate; great; perfect; sublime; superb; terrific; tiptop -class; appetising; appetizing; as fit as fiddle; cherubic; considerable; delicious; delightful; divine; excellent; exemplary; extraordinary; fabulous; fanciful; fantastic; fine; first-class; first-rate; formidable; glorious; gorgeous; grand; grandiose; great; heavenly; huge; magnificent; marvellous; marvelous; mighty; palatable; par excellence; paradisiacal; perfect; phenomenal; powerful; princely; prodigious; ravishing; scrumptious; smashing; splendid; superb; swell; tasty; terrible; terrific; too good; top-class; top-notch; tops; tremendous; very well; wonderful; yummy
genial choice; excellent; first-rate; great; perfect; sublime; superb; terrific; tiptop brilliant; clever; glorious; highly gifted; ingenious; resourceful; splendid
magnífico choice; excellent; first-rate; great; perfect; sublime; superb; terrific; tiptop appetising; appetizing; beautiful; blinding; cherubic; cool; dazzling; delicious; delightful; divine; enormous; exceptionally beautiful; exquisite; fanciful; fantastic; generous; glorious; gorgeous; grand; grandiose; great; haughty; heavenly; imposing; impressive; lofty; magnanimous; magnificent; marvellous; marvelous; noble; outrageous; palatable; paradisiacal; proud; ravishing; scrumptious; splendid; super; swell; tasty; vigorous; wonderful; yummy
noble elevated; exalted; lofty; sublime aristocratic; ceremonious; distinguished; generous; gentle; high ranking; highborn; highbred; highranking; illustrious; magnanimous; noble; noteworthy; renowned; solemn; stately; weighty
sublime elevated; exalted; lofty; sublime appetising; appetizing; delicious; distinguished; divine; gorgeous; heavenly; high ranking; highranking; illustrious; noteworthy; palatable; renowned; scrumptious; stately; tasty; weighty; yummy

Palabras relacionadas con "sublime":

  • sublimer, sublimest, sublimely

Sinónimos de "sublime":

Definiciones relacionadas de "sublime":

  1. lifted up or set high1
    • their hearts were jocund and sublime1
  2. inspiring awe1
    • the sublime beauty of the night1
  3. worthy of adoration or reverence1
  4. vaporize and then condense right back again1
  5. change or cause to change directly from a solid into a vapor without first melting1
    • sublime iodine1
    • some salts sublime when heated1

Wiktionary: sublime

  1. noble and majestic
  2. impressive and awe-inspiring
  1. to sublimate

Cross Translation:
sublime festivo gehoben — in feierlicher, guter Stimmung
sublime sublime sublim — erhaben, verfeinert, nur einem feineren Verständnis oder Empfinden zugänglich
sublime sublimar; sublimarse sublimieren — vom festen in den gasförmigen Aggregatzustand übergehen
sublime divino; sublime divin — Qui est de Dieu, qui appartenir à Dieu, à un dieu.
sublime noble noblepersonne faire partie d’une aristocratie dirigeante ou foncière, souvent dynastique. cf|féodalité|homme-lige