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Traducciones detalladas de switch off de inglés a español

switch off:

to switch off verbo (switches off, switched off, switching off)

  1. to switch off (extinguish; matter; make out; )
  2. to switch off (turn out)
    apagar; cerrar

Conjugaciones de switch off:

  1. switch off
  2. switch off
  3. switches off
  4. switch off
  5. switch off
  6. switch off
simple past
  1. switched off
  2. switched off
  3. switched off
  4. switched off
  5. switched off
  6. switched off
present perfect
  1. have switched off
  2. have switched off
  3. has switched off
  4. have switched off
  5. have switched off
  6. have switched off
past continuous
  1. was switching off
  2. were switching off
  3. was switching off
  4. were switching off
  5. were switching off
  6. were switching off
  1. shall switch off
  2. will switch off
  3. will switch off
  4. shall switch off
  5. will switch off
  6. will switch off
continuous present
  1. am switching off
  2. are switching off
  3. is switching off
  4. are switching off
  5. are switching off
  6. are switching off
  1. be switched off
  2. be switched off
  3. be switched off
  4. be switched off
  5. be switched off
  6. be switched off
  1. switch off!
  2. let's switch off!
  3. switched off
  4. switching off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for switch off:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cerrar blocking; closing
desconectar disconnect
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
apagar switch off; turn out breathe out; bring to a halt; bring to a standstill; cheat; clearly define; con; define; demarcate; express; express oneself; extinguish; fence; fence in; fence off; give expression to; halt; impersonate; impress; map out; mark out; mute; outline; press; put out; reveal oneself; set out; shut down; speak; stop; swindle; talk; trace out; turn off; utter; ventilate
cerrar switch off; turn out be correct; bind; clearly define; click shut; close; close down; close tight; confine; cut back; define; demarcate; dismiss; draw; drop; end; fence; fence in; fence off; fill in; fill up; lift-lock; limit; lock; map out; mark out; outline; partition off; plug; pull shut; pull to; put under seal; quell; reduce; screen; seal; shut; slam; stop up; tie up; trace out; turn off
desconectar disconnect; extinguish; make out; matter; put out; set out; switch off; turn off amputate; bring to a halt; bring to a standstill; cheat; clearly define; close; conclude; declutch; define; demarcate; depress the clutch; disconnect; fence; fence in; fence off; get undone; gull; halt; lock; lock up; map out; mark out; outline; pull out; put out; set out; spoof; stop; trace out; trick; turn off; uncouple; unpick; untie
desenchufar disconnect; extinguish; make out; matter; put out; set out; switch off; turn off
- cut; turn off; turn out

Sinónimos de "switch off":

Antónimos de "switch off":

Definiciones relacionadas de "switch off":

  1. cause to stop operating by disengaging a switch1

Wiktionary: switch off

switch off
  1. turn switch to off position

Cross Translation:
switch off desconectar; desenchufar; desacoplar uitschakelen — door andere schakeling deactiveren
switch off parar; inmovilizar stopzetten — (overgankelijk) laten stilstaan of ophouden, afzetten, stilzetten
switch off parar stilzetten — (overgankelijk) iets geheel van zijn snelheid beroven
switch off apagar ausschalten — die Funktion eines Gerätes beenden, indem man die Stromzufuhr unterbricht

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