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  1. unabated:


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Translation Matrix for unabated:

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constante constant
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
constante unabated; undiminished; unflagging anyway; constant; continual; continuous; everlasting; fixed; indefatigable; indifferent; lasting; non stop; not ceasing; not desisting; permanent; perpetual; persistent; plain; repeated; stable; steady; unceasing; unending; uninterrupted; unremitting; untiring; unwearying
intacto unabated; undiminished; unflagging flawless; fresh; intact; maidenly; perfect; pure; unabbreviated; unabridged; unbroached; uncut; undamaged; unharmed; unimpaired; unopened; unspoiled; untainted; untouched; unused; unweakened; virgin; virginal; whole
salvo unabated; undiminished; unflagging
sin aflojar unabated; undiminished; unflagging
sin disminuir unabated; undiminished; unflagging

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  1. continuing at full strength or intensity1
    • the winds are unabated1
    • the popularity of his books among young people continued unabated1