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to wonder verbo (wonders, wondered, wondering)

  1. to wonder (doubt)
  2. to wonder (ask; query; demand)
  3. to wonder (think; consider; ponder; )

Conjugaciones de wonder:

  1. wonder
  2. wonder
  3. wonders
  4. wonder
  5. wonder
  6. wonder
simple past
  1. wondered
  2. wondered
  3. wondered
  4. wondered
  5. wondered
  6. wondered
present perfect
  1. have wondered
  2. have wondered
  3. has wondered
  4. have wondered
  5. have wondered
  6. have wondered
past continuous
  1. was wondering
  2. were wondering
  3. was wondering
  4. were wondering
  5. were wondering
  6. were wondering
  1. shall wonder
  2. will wonder
  3. will wonder
  4. shall wonder
  5. will wonder
  6. will wonder
continuous present
  1. am wondering
  2. are wondering
  3. is wondering
  4. are wondering
  5. are wondering
  6. are wondering
  1. be wondered
  2. be wondered
  3. be wondered
  4. be wondered
  5. be wondered
  6. be wondered
  1. wonder!
  2. let's wonder!
  3. wondered
  4. wondering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. wonder

Translation Matrix for wonder:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
milagro miracle; mystery
pensar contriving; musing; thinking
preguntarse interrogation
- admiration; curiosity; marvel; wonderment
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
pensar brood; cogitate; consider; muse; ponder; reflect; think; wonder be in sympathy with; conceive; consider; contemplate; contrive; devise; feel; feel empathy for; imagine; intend; invent; make up; meditate on; muse; muse on; ponder on; reflect on; regard; sympathise; sympathize; think; think along; think it over; think out
preguntar ask; demand; query; wonder collect; gather; obtain; prompt
preguntarse ask; demand; doubt; query; wonder ask oneself; wonder if
reflexionar brood; cogitate; consider; muse; ponder; reflect; think; wonder consider; contemplate; do some hard thinking; meditate on; muse; muse on; ponder; ponder on; reflect; reflect on; regard; seek advice; seek advice from; think better of it; think it over; think out
- enquire; inquire; marvel; question
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
milagro wonder
- be astonished

Palabras relacionadas con "wonder":

  • wondering, wonderment

Sinónimos de "wonder":

Definiciones relacionadas de "wonder":

  1. a state in which you want to learn more about something1
  2. something that causes feelings of wonder1
    • the wonders of modern science1
  3. the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising1
  4. have a wish or desire to know something1
    • He wondered who had built this beautiful church1
  5. place in doubt or express doubtful speculation1
    • I wonder whether this was the right thing to do1
    • she wondered whether it would snow tonight1
  6. be amazed at1

Wiktionary: wonder

  1. something that causes amazement or awe, a marvel
  2. informal: thought
  1. to be affected with surprise
  2. to ponder about something

Cross Translation:
wonder preguntarse afvragenzich ~: vraagtekens plaatsen bij
wonder preguntarse afvragenzich ~: zichzelf een vraag stellen
wonder milagro wonder — een gebeurtenis waaraan een bovennatuurlijke oorsprong toegeschreven wordt
wonder extrañarse; sorprenderse; maravilliarse wundern — (reflexiv) (sich wundern): über etwas Unerwartetes ins Staunen geraten
wonder conjeturar conjecturerinférer par conjecture.
wonder maravilla merveillechose qui cause une grande admiration.
wonder milagro miracle — (religion) acte de la puissance divine contraire aux lois connaître de la nature.
wonder preguntarse se demanderdemander à soi-même ; chercher à se rendre compte d’une chose ; s’interroger.

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