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Traducciones detalladas de hygienic de inglés a francés


Translation Matrix for hygienic:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
sanitaire medical orderly; plumbing; sanitary fittings
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
net clean; hygienic; pure after tax; bright; clean; cleaned; cleanly; cleansed; clear; clear-cut; cutting; directly; discernible; distinct; graphic; identifiable; neat; neatly; net; nett; nipping; obvious; pure; recognisable; recognizable; snappy; tidied; tidy; unadulterated; unambiguous; understandable; unequivocal; unmistakable
- hygienical
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
hygiénique clean; hygienic; pure; sanitary sanitary
hygiéniquement clean; hygienic; pure; sanitary
nettement clean; hygienic; pure
propre clean; hygienic; pure; sanitary characteristic; chaste; chivalrous; civil; clean; clean as a whistle; cleaned; cleanly; cleansed; complaisant; courteous; courtly; dignified; distinctive; forward; immaculate; impeccable; mannerly; neat; neatly; obliging; pliable; pliant; polite; pristine; proper; properly; pure; reputable; respectable; responsive; spotless; tidied; tidy; typical; unspoiled; untainted; virginal; well bred; well educated; well-educated; well-mannered
proprement clean; hygienic; pure; sanitary clean; cleaned; cleansed; tidied
pure clean; hygienic; pure
purement clean; hygienic; pure chaste; genuine; maidenly; mere; pristine; pure; real; unadulterated; unspoiled; untainted; untouched; virginal
sanitaire hygienic; sanitary sanitary

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Sinónimos de "hygienic":

Definiciones relacionadas de "hygienic":

  1. tending to promote or preserve health1
    • hygienic habits like using disposable tissues1
    • hygienic surroundings with plenty of fresh air1

Wiktionary: hygienic

  1. pertaining to hygiene
  1. Qui est conforme à l’hygiène.

Cross Translation:
hygienic sanitaire sanitair — met betrekking tot de gezondheid