Traducciones detalladas de need de inglés a francés


to need verbo (needs, needed, needing)

  1. to need (require; want)
    avoir besoin; nécessiter
    • avoir besoin verbo
    • nécessiter verbo (nécessite, nécessites, nécessitons, nécessitez, )
  2. to need (must; want; have to)
    devoir; falloir; être obligé de; être dans l'obligation de
  3. to need

Conjugaciones de need:

  1. need
  2. need
  3. needs
  4. need
  5. need
  6. need
simple past
  1. needed
  2. needed
  3. needed
  4. needed
  5. needed
  6. needed
present perfect
  1. have needed
  2. have needed
  3. has needed
  4. have needed
  5. have needed
  6. have needed
past continuous
  1. was needing
  2. were needing
  3. was needing
  4. were needing
  5. were needing
  6. were needing
  1. shall need
  2. will need
  3. will need
  4. shall need
  5. will need
  6. will need
continuous present
  1. am needing
  2. are needing
  3. is needing
  4. are needing
  5. are needing
  6. are needing
  1. be needed
  2. be needed
  3. be needed
  4. be needed
  5. be needed
  6. be needed
  1. need!
  2. let's need!
  3. needed
  4. needing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

need [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the need (necessity; destitution; disaster; adversity)
    la nécessité; l'indigence; la pauvreté; l'adversité; la détresse; la misère
  2. the need (neediness; destitution)
    le besoin; la nécessité; la pauvreté; l'indigence
  3. the need (helplessness)
    la détresse; la précarité; la misère
  4. the need (poverty; lack; paucity; )
    la pauvreté; la misère; le besoin

Translation Matrix for need:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
adversité adversity; destitution; disaster; necessity; need adverse wind; adversity; bad luck; contrary wind; misfortune; reverse; trouble
besoin dearth; destitution; hardship; lack; need; neediness; paucity; penury; poverty; want adversity; bad luck; crisis; deficiency; emergency situation; famine; indigentness; lack; misfortune; needyness; of limited means; paucity; poorness; reverse; scantiness; scarcity; shortage; state of emergency; tightness; trouble; want
devoir being forced to; being obliged to; clerical work; difficulty; duty; having to; lecture; paper; problematical case; project; task; writing
détresse adversity; destitution; disaster; helplessness; necessity; need adversity; bad luck; dejection; depression; grief; melancholy; misfortune; mournfulness; regret; reverse; sadness; sorrow; trouble; wistfulness
indigence adversity; destitution; disaster; necessity; need; neediness apathy; crisis; dullness; emergency situation; indigentness; listlessness; of limited means; poorness; state of emergency; tepidness
misère adversity; dearth; destitution; disaster; hardship; helplessness; lack; necessity; need; paucity; penury; poverty; want adversity; bad condition; bad luck; blows; calamity; catastrophe; deficiency; disaster; disasters; discomforts; famine; grief; hollowness; lack; lankiness; leanness; meagerness; meagreness; miserable condition; misery; misfortune; misfortunes; needyness; parsimony; paucity; poor situation; poorness; problems; punches; reverse; sadness; scantiness; scarcity; shortage; skinniness; slenderness; sorrow; sparsity; squalor; thinness; tightness; trouble; troubles; want
nécessité adversity; destitution; disaster; necessity; need; neediness depravedness; destituteness; elementary matter; emergency; essential; harbourless; indigentness; necessity; of limited means; poorness; seediness; shabbiness
pauvreté adversity; dearth; destitution; disaster; hardship; lack; necessity; need; neediness; paucity; penury; poverty; want depravedness; destituteness; famine; frugality; fumblingness; harbourless; hollowness; indigentness; lankiness; leanness; meagerness; meagreness; needyness; of limited means; parsimony; paucity; plainness; poorness; poverty; scantiness; scarcity; seediness; shabbiness; shortage; simpleness; simplicity; skinniness; skinnyness; slenderness; sobriety; sparsity; thinness; tightness
précarité helplessness; need brittleness; crumblyness; frailty
- demand; indigence; motivation; motive; pauperisation; pauperism; pauperization; penury; want
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
avoir besoin need; require; want
avoir besoin de need
devoir have to; must; need; want be obliged to; ought to; owe; should
falloir have to; must; need; want be obliged to; ought to; should
nécessiter need; require; want compel; force; oblige; oblige to
être dans l'obligation de have to; must; need; want be obliged to; ought to; should
être obligé de have to; must; need; want be obliged to; ought to; should
- ask; call for; demand; involve; necessitate; postulate; require; take; want
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- call for; demand; lack; require; want

Palabras relacionadas con "need":

  • needing, needs

Sinónimos de "need":

Antónimos de "need":

  • obviate

Definiciones relacionadas de "need":

  1. the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior1
  2. anything that is necessary but lacking1
    • he had sufficient means to meet his simple needs1
  3. a condition requiring relief1
    • she satisfied his need for affection1
    • God has no need of men to accomplish His work1
  4. a state of extreme poverty or destitution1
    • a general state of need exists among the homeless1
  5. have need of1
  6. have or feel a need for1
    • always needing friends and money1
  7. require as useful, just, or proper1

Wiktionary: need

  1. to have an absolute requirement for
  1. something needed
  1. Être dans le besoin de quelque chose ; être dans un lien de nécessité, de dépendance.
  2. Être de nécessité, de devoir, d’obligation, de bienséance.
  3. prier, demander quelqu’un.
  1. Privation, indigence (sens general)
  2. Besoin naturel, nécessité impérieuse
  3. caractère de ce qui est absolument obligatoire, indispensable, de ce dont on ne peut se passer.

Cross Translation:
need condition vereiste — datgene waar men niet buiten kan
need avoir besoin de benodigen — nodig hebben
need falloir que; avoir besoin de behoeven — nodig hebben
need besoin behoefte — behoefte aan iets hebben
need besoin Bedarf — etwas, das gebraucht wird
need besoin Bedürfnisallgemein: der Wunsch oder das Verlangen nach etwas
need misère Not — ein Zustand des Mangels oder des Fehlens an Lebenswichtigem
need quelque chose; falloir bedürfengehoben, mit Genitivobjekt (Nomen, Nomengruppe oder Pronomen im Genitiv): etwas benötigen, etwas brauchen, auf etwas angewiesen sein
need avoir besoin de; nécessiter benötigen — etwas haben müssen

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