Traducciones detalladas de amiability de inglés a francés


amiability [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the amiability (friendliness; kindness; goodwill; geniality; heartiness)
    l'amabilité; l'hospitalité; la courtoisie
  2. the amiability (sweetness; kindness)
    la douceur; la gentillesse; l'amabilité
  3. the amiability (charm; sweetness)
    la grâce; le charme
  4. the amiability
    la grâce; la douceur; le charme; la gentillesse; l'amabilité; la suavité
  5. the amiability (good-nature)
    la bonté; la générosité; la bienveillance; la bonhomie; la jovialité

Translation Matrix for amiability:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
amabilité amiability; friendliness; geniality; goodwill; heartiness; kindness; sweetness amicableness; benign character; courtesy; friendliness; goodness; hospitality; kind-heartedness; mildness
bienveillance amiability; good-nature amicableness; benevolence; benign character; clemency; complaisance; compliance; consideration; courtesy; forbearance; friendliness; goodness; grace; helpfulness; hospitality; in deference to; indulgence; kind-heartedness; kindness; leniency; mercy; mildness; modesty; preparedness; readiness; subservience; sympathy; tolerance; tolerancy; willingness
bonhomie amiability; good-nature benign character; clemency; goodness; kind-heartedness; leniency; mildness; tolerancy
bonté amiability; good-nature benevolence; benign character; clemency; consideration; courtesy; forbearance; goodness; hospitality; indulgence; kind-heartedness; kindness; leniency; mercy; mildness; tolerancy
charme amiability; charm; sweetness affliction; allurement; alluring; appeal; attracting; attraction; attractiveness; charm; charming; conquest; delightfulness; enchantment; enticement; enticing; fascination; inroad; inviting; loveliness; lure; luring; ordeal; power of attraction; splendidness; temptation; tempting; trial; vexation
courtoisie amiability; friendliness; geniality; goodwill; heartiness; kindness civility; courtesy; courtliness; decency; etiquette; gallantry; good breeding; good manners; knight service; manners; politeness; propriety
douceur amiability; kindness; sweetness clemency; consideration; daintiness; forbearance; gentleness; indulgence; kind-heartedness; kindness; leniency; lovingness; mercy; softness; tenderness; warm heartedness; weakness
gentillesse amiability; kindness; sweetness benign character; birthday present; gift; goodness; hospitality; kind-heartedness; mildness; offering; politeness; present
grâce amiability; charm; sweetness absolution; benevolence; blessing; boon; clemency; compassion; elegance; excuse; favor; favour; forgiveness; forgivingness; goodwill; grace; kindness; loving kindness; mass; mercy; pardon; patronage; remission; service; support; sympathy
générosité amiability; good-nature altruism; benevolence; clemency; consideration; forbearance; generosity; goodness; indulgence; kindness; leniency; liberality; mercy; munificence; open-handedness; selflessness; unselfishness
hospitalité amiability; friendliness; geniality; goodwill; heartiness; kindness hospitality
jovialité amiability; good-nature brightfulness; carousing; cheerfulness; cordiality; decency; faultlessness; flightiness; friendliness; frivolity; frivolousness; fun; good spirits; happiness; heartiness; hospitality; impeccability; irreprochability; joy; joyfulness; light-heartedness; lightheartedness; merriment; mirth; neatness; orderliness; perfection; pleasure; purity; revelry; roistering; shallowness; soundness; spotlessness; stainlessness; superficiality; tidiness; volatility; warm-heartedness
suavité amiability
- affability; affableness; amiableness; bonhomie; geniality; good humor; good humour; good temper

Sinónimos de "amiability":

Antónimos de "amiability":

  • ill humor

Definiciones relacionadas de "amiability":

  1. a disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to)1
  2. a cheerful and agreeable mood1