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to clatter verbo (clatters, clattered, clattering)

  1. to clatter (clack; clapper)
    battre; tinter; cliqueter; claquer
    • battre verbo (bats, bat, battons, battez, )
    • tinter verbo (tinte, tintes, tintons, tintez, )
    • cliqueter verbo (cliquette, cliquettes, cliquetons, cliquetez, )
    • claquer verbo (claque, claques, claquons, claquez, )
  2. to clatter (blare; rant)
    retentir; corner; claironner; brailler; trompeter
    • retentir verbo (retentis, retentit, retentissons, retentissez, )
    • corner verbo (corne, cornes, cornons, cornez, )
    • claironner verbo (claironne, claironnes, claironnons, claironnez, )
    • brailler verbo (braille, brailles, braillons, braillez, )
    • trompeter verbo (trompette, trompettes, trompetons, trompetez, )
  3. to clatter (clump)
  4. to clatter

Conjugaciones de clatter:

  1. clatter
  2. clatter
  3. clatters
  4. clatter
  5. clatter
  6. clatter
simple past
  1. clattered
  2. clattered
  3. clattered
  4. clattered
  5. clattered
  6. clattered
present perfect
  1. have clattered
  2. have clattered
  3. has clattered
  4. have clattered
  5. have clattered
  6. have clattered
past continuous
  1. was clattering
  2. were clattering
  3. was clattering
  4. were clattering
  5. were clattering
  6. were clattering
  1. shall clatter
  2. will clatter
  3. will clatter
  4. shall clatter
  5. will clatter
  6. will clatter
continuous present
  1. am clattering
  2. are clattering
  3. is clattering
  4. are clattering
  5. are clattering
  6. are clattering
  1. be clattered
  2. be clattered
  3. be clattered
  4. be clattered
  5. be clattered
  6. be clattered
  1. clatter!
  2. let's clatter!
  3. clattered
  4. clattering
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

clatter [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the clatter (rattling; jingling; clanking)
    le fouettement; le cliquetis
  2. the clatter (rattle; clapper; cracker; tattler; clacker)

Translation Matrix for clatter:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
battre beat off
cliquetis clanking; clatter; jingling; rattling chinking; clink; jingling; sabre-rattling; tinkling
corner corner
fouettement clanking; clatter; jingling; rattling
hochet clacker; clapper; clatter; cracker; rattle; tattler rattle; toy
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
battre clack; clapper; clatter affect; bang; battle with; beat up; churn; clack; clapper; combat; concern; contest; drum; dust; fight; ground; hammer; hit; knock; move; pound; quarrel; slap; smack; spike; stir; strike; tap; tap at; thump; touch; whip
brailler blare; clatter; rant bellow; bleat; cry; cry out; let on; roar; scream; shout; shriek; squall; squeal; tell tales; yell
claironner blare; clatter; rant blazon out; trumpet forth
claquer clack; clapper; clatter clack; clapper; fill in; fill up; flutter; knock; quell; rattle; ruckle; slam; snap shut; tap; tap at
cliqueter clack; clapper; clatter clang; clink; flutter; jangle; jingle; knock; rattle; rattling; ruckle; tap; tap at; tinkle; tinkle away
corner blare; clatter; rant
faire un bruit sourd clatter
retentir blare; clatter; rant be audible; clang; clink; echo; jangle; jingle; parrot; rattling; reflect; repeat; resound; reverberate; say after; sound; splash; strike back; tinkle; tinkle away
tinter clack; clapper; clatter clang; clink; jangle; jingle; rattling; sound; tinkle; tinkle away; toll
traîner ses pieds clatter; clump
trompeter blare; clatter; rant trumpet
- brattle; clack
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- patter; rattle

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  1. a rattling noise (often produced by rapid movement)1
    • the shutters clattered against the house1
    • the clatter of iron wheels on cobblestones1
  2. make a rattling sound1
    • clattering dishes1

Wiktionary: clatter

  1. Faire un certain bruit aigu et éclatant.
  2. Traductions à trier suivant le sens

Cross Translation:
clatter claquer; craqueter; cliqueter klappern — (intransitiv), Hilfsverb haben: wiederholt helle harte Geräusche durch Aneinanderschlagen fester Gegenstand von sich geben
clatter ferrailler; brouter; pétarader rattern — ein rhythmisches, nicht besonders angenehmes Geräusch machen

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