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Traducciones detalladas de clearing de inglés a francés


clearing [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the clearing (clearance)
    le dédouanement; le dédouanage; la déclaration
  2. the clearing (clarification; explanation; elucidation; )
  3. the clearing (evacuation)
  4. the clearing (information; clarification; enlightenment; explanation)
    le renseignement; l'éclaircissement; l'explication; l'éclaircie

Translation Matrix for clearing:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
déclaration clearance; clearing account; announcement; bill; clearance; comment; declaration; enunciation; expression; expression of opinion; invoice; judgement; letting out; note; notification; pronunciation; remark; report; sentence; statement; subpoena; summons; testimony; utterance; verdict
dédouanage clearance; clearing
dédouanement clearance; clearing clearance; clearance outwards
explication clarification; clearing; enlightenment; explanation; information elucidation; explanation; interpretation; reading; version
renseignement clarification; clearing; enlightenment; explanation; information announcement; information; notice; notification
éclaircie clarification; clearing; enlightenment; explanation; information
éclaircissement clarification; clearing; communication; elucidation; enlightenment; explaining; explanation; information; notice announcements; bright interval; brightning up; clue; cue; hint; lead; lighting up; pointer; report; tip; tip-off
évacuation clearing; evacuation desisting; discharge; discharge point; discharging; drainage; draining; draining off; emptying; evacuation; outlet; sewer; sluices; water outlet
- clarification; glade
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- felling; glade

Palabras relacionadas con "clearing":

Sinónimos de "clearing":

Definiciones relacionadas de "clearing":

  1. the act of removing solid particles from a liquid1
  2. the act of freeing from suspicion1
  3. a tract of land with few or no trees in the middle of a wooded area1

Wiktionary: clearing

  1. area of land within a wood or forest devoid of trees
Cross Translation:
clearing clairière laar — een open plek in een bos
clearing clairière Lichtung — eine nicht mit Baum bewachsene Fläche in einem Wald
clearing déboisement Abholzung — das Fällen aller Bäume eines Waldes


clear adj.

  1. clear (unburdened)
  2. clear (clarifying; distinct)
  3. clear (comprehensible; understandable; intelligible)
  4. clear (understandable; obvious)
  5. clear
  6. clear
  7. clear (evident; obvious; clarifying; )
  8. clear (cloudless; unclouded)
  9. clear (unmistakable; recognizable; identifiable; )
  10. clear (distinct; bright; clear-cut; graphic)
  11. clear (transparent; translucent; see-through; )
  12. clear (blank; roguish; unmarked; sly)
    libre; vide
  13. clear (directly)
  14. clear (completed; over; finished; )
  15. clear (colourless; pale; colorless)
  16. clear (ringing; clear sounding)
  17. clear (cheerful; enthusiastic; happy; )

to clear verbo (clears, cleared, clearing)

  1. to clear (free; disengage)
    liberalisér; dégager; libérer; affranchir; désencombrer; mettre en liberté; laisser libre
    • liberalisér verbo
    • dégager verbo (dégage, dégages, dégagons, dégagez, )
    • libérer verbo (libère, libères, libérons, libérez, )
    • affranchir verbo (affranchis, affranchit, affranchissons, affranchissez, )
  2. to clear (found innocent)
    acquitter; décharger; laver; innocenter; déclarer innocent; blanchir; disculper
    • acquitter verbo (acquitte, acquittes, acquittons, acquittez, )
    • décharger verbo (décharge, décharges, déchargons, déchargez, )
    • laver verbo (lave, laves, lavons, lavez, )
    • innocenter verbo
    • blanchir verbo (blanchis, blanchit, blanchissons, blanchissez, )
    • disculper verbo (disculpe, disculpes, disculpons, disculpez, )
  3. to clear (clear baggage; enter)
    dédouaner; déclarer
    • dédouaner verbo (dédouane, dédouanes, dédouanons, dédouanez, )
    • déclarer verbo (déclare, déclares, déclarons, déclarez, )
  4. to clear (clean; give a good cleaning; wash; remove)
    nettoyer; purifier; laver; épurer; nettoyer à fond; purger; récurer; éponger
    • nettoyer verbo (nettoie, nettoies, nettoyons, nettoyez, )
    • purifier verbo (purifie, purifies, purifions, purifiez, )
    • laver verbo (lave, laves, lavons, lavez, )
    • épurer verbo (épure, épures, épurons, épurez, )
    • purger verbo (purge, purges, purgeons, purgez, )
    • récurer verbo (récure, récures, récurons, récurez, )
    • éponger verbo (éponge, éponges, épongeons, épongez, )
  5. to clear (clear the table; empty the table)
    débarrasser; débarrasser la table; nettoyer; desservir
    • débarrasser verbo (débarrasse, débarrasses, débarrassons, débarrassez, )
    • nettoyer verbo (nettoie, nettoies, nettoyons, nettoyez, )
    • desservir verbo (dessers, dessert, desservons, desservez, )
  6. to clear (make empty; empty; remove what is inside)
    vider; débourrer; enlever; emporter; dégarnir; finir; évacuer
    • vider verbo (vide, vides, vidons, videz, )
    • débourrer verbo (débourre, débourres, débourrons, débourrez, )
    • enlever verbo (enlève, enlèves, enlevons, enlevez, )
    • emporter verbo (emporte, emportes, emportons, emportez, )
    • dégarnir verbo (dégarnis, dégarnit, dégarnissons, dégarnissez, )
    • finir verbo (finis, finit, finissons, finissez, )
    • évacuer verbo (évacue, évacues, évacuons, évacuez, )
  7. to clear (evacuate; empty)
    enlever; débarrasser; balayer
    • enlever verbo (enlève, enlèves, enlevons, enlevez, )
    • débarrasser verbo (débarrasse, débarrasses, débarrassons, débarrassez, )
    • balayer verbo (balaye, balayes, balayons, balayez, )
  8. to clear (clean out; clean up; tidy up; )
  9. to clear (clear out; take out; remove; )
    enlever; vider; retirer; sortir; évacuer
    • enlever verbo (enlève, enlèves, enlevons, enlevez, )
    • vider verbo (vide, vides, vidons, videz, )
    • retirer verbo (retire, retires, retirons, retirez, )
    • sortir verbo (sors, sort, sortons, sortez, )
    • évacuer verbo (évacue, évacues, évacuons, évacuez, )
  10. to clear (sell off; sell out)
    solder; brader; liquider
    • solder verbo (solde, soldes, soldons, soldez, )
    • brader verbo (brade, brades, bradons, bradez, )
    • liquider verbo (liquide, liquides, liquidons, liquidez, )
  11. to clear (exonerate; exculpate)
  12. to clear
    – To turn a setting off or to remove a value. 2
  13. to clear
    – To collect the funds for a check and pay them to the check holder. When a check clears, the money has been withdrawn from the bank account and paid to the recipient. 2
    • compenser verbo (compense, compenses, compensons, compensez, )
  14. to clear
    – When Windows Disk Protection is enabled, to erase or empty the cache file on the hard disk when a user logs off or the computer is restarted. 2
    • effacer verbo (efface, effaces, effaçons, effacez, )

Conjugaciones de clear:

  1. clear
  2. clear
  3. clears
  4. clear
  5. clear
  6. clear
simple past
  1. cleared
  2. cleared
  3. cleared
  4. cleared
  5. cleared
  6. cleared
present perfect
  1. have cleared
  2. have cleared
  3. has cleared
  4. have cleared
  5. have cleared
  6. have cleared
past continuous
  1. was clearing
  2. were clearing
  3. was clearing
  4. were clearing
  5. were clearing
  6. were clearing
  1. shall clear
  2. will clear
  3. will clear
  4. shall clear
  5. will clear
  6. will clear
continuous present
  1. am clearing
  2. are clearing
  3. is clearing
  4. are clearing
  5. are clearing
  6. are clearing
  1. be cleared
  2. be cleared
  3. be cleared
  4. be cleared
  5. be cleared
  6. be cleared
  1. clear!
  2. let's clear!
  3. cleared
  4. clearing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for clear:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
blanc cranny; crevice; fissure; opening; recess; space
direct buddy; business associate; chum; companion; comrade; fellow; friend; mate; pal; partner; streetcar ticket; tram ticket
dégager clearing away
fait act; action; affair; business; case; data; deed; event; fact; matter; occasion; occurrence
passé past
perpendiculaire lead line; plumb line; sounding line
transparent overhead sheet; transparency
vide blank; cleft; emptiness; emptyness; gap; hiatus; hole; hollowness; lacuna; leak; leakage; nothingness; punch-mark; puncture; vacuum; void
- open
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
acquitter clear; found innocent make even; pay; pay for; pay off; pay on account; redeem; settle
affranchir clear; disengage; free let go; liberate; prepay; release; set at liberty; set free; stamp
balayer clear; empty; evacuate blot out; delete; direct; eliminate; erase; guide; lead; point the direction; rub out; sweep; sweep away; sweep up; wipe; wipe out
blanchir clear; found innocent be ageing; clean; flush away; grow grey; launder; purify; rinse out; turn pale; wash; whitewash
brader clear; sell off; sell out
compenser clear be even match; compensate for; counterbalance; make good; make up; rectify
desservir clear; clear the table; empty the table aggrieve; be disadvantuous; cause disadvantage; cause injury; cause someone sorrow; damage; do harm; harm; harm somebody; hurt; injure
disculper clear; found innocent declare one's innocence
débarrasser clear; clear the table; empty; empty the table; evacuate clean; clear away; drink; drink up; empty; finish; pour out; put away; release; rid of; tidy up
débarrasser la table clear; clear the table; empty the table
débourrer clear; empty; make empty; remove what is inside
décharger clear; found innocent air; be discharged; bring down; cast out; commit murder; discard; discharge; disgorge; dismiss; drain; drop; dump out; effuse; empty; empty out; expel; fire; fire a shot; fire at; flash; fusillade; give vent to; kill; lay off; let off steam; lighten; murder; offload; pour out; put to the sword; release; remove; sack; shoot; take down; throw out; thunder; unload; vent; work off
déclarer clear; clear baggage; enter announce; appear as a witness; apply; bear testimony; bear witness; declare; do as if; enrol for; express; feign; give; give evidence; inform; pretend; register; report; report oneself; sham; state; take down; testify; testify to; write down
déclarer innocent clear; found innocent
dédouaner clear; clear baggage; enter arrange customs clearance
dégager clear; disengage; free discharge; disgorge; drain; employ; empty; expel; get undone; hire; kick away; loosen; pull out; release; remove; set free; set to work; thrust off; unlace; unpick; untie; work loose
dégarnir clear; empty; make empty; remove what is inside clear away; clear up; discard; dismantle; dispose; remove; strip down; take apart a machine; unharness; unrig
désactiver clear disable; turn off
désencombrer clear; disengage; free
effacer clear blot out; delete; eliminate; erase; hush up a thing; rub out; sweep away; wipe; wipe out
emporter clear; empty; make empty; remove what is inside accompany; carry away; carry before it; carry off; collect; come round for; drag along; fetch; pick up; pull along; see off; take; take along; take away; take in
enlever clean out; clear; clear out; drain; empty; evacuate; finish; make empty; remove; remove what is inside; take out abduct; bear a grudge; bear malice; blame; blame someone of; blot out; cadge; chisel off; clear out; collar; collect; come round for; cut away; cut off; delete; deprive; discredit; disrobe; eliminate; empty; erase; expropriate; fetch; filch; get down; go thieving; harbour a grudge; hide away; kidnap; lift out; lock up; make off with; nick; pick loose; pick up; pilfer; pinch; pluck; pull down; pull off; pull out; purloin; put away; rancor; rancour; rebuke; remove one's clothes; reprimand; reproach; rip off; rob; rub out; snatch; snitch; stash away; steal; stuff away; swipe; take; take along; take away; take down from; take off; take out; tear off; trim away; tuck away; undo; undress; unpick; wipe; wipe out
finir clear; empty; make empty; remove what is inside accomplish; be broken off; better; bring to a close; bring to a conclusion; bring to an end; burn up; come to an end; complete; conclude; consume; decide; draw to an end; drink; drink up; eat; eat up; elapse; empty; end; expire; finish; finish off; finish with; fix; fix it up; get done; get ready; get to the end of; go by; have ended; have finished; improve; make better; manage; pass; perfect; play out; pull it off; pull the trick; read to the end; round off; stop; terminate; use up; wind up
innocenter clear; found innocent
laisser libre clear; disengage; free free; let go; liberate; release; set at liberty; set free
laver clean; clear; found innocent; give a good cleaning; remove; wash chasten; clean; ennoble; flush away; grow into; outgrow; purify; refine; rinse; rinse out; scour; scrub; swab out; wash; wash out; whitewash
liberalisér clear; disengage; free
libérer clear; disengage; free deliver; free; grant an amnesty; let go; liberate; loosen; redeem; release; rescue; set at liberty; set free; thaw; unlace; untie; work loose
liquider clear; sell off; sell out abolish; annul; break down; break up; cancel; clean; clear away; demolish; destroy; disband; dismantle; dissolve; drag down; eliminate; finish off; get down; kill; liquidate; murder; nullify; pull down; put away; settle; shut down; take down; tear down; tear loose; tidy up; undo; wreck
mettre en liberté clear; disengage; free let go; liberate; release; set at liberty; set free
nettoyer clean; clear; clear the table; empty the table; give a good cleaning; remove; wash chasten; clean; clean up; clear away; clear up; dust; ennoble; get undone; groom; keep clean; mop up; pull out; purify; put away; refine; remove; scour; scrub; scrub off; scrub-clean; tidy up; unpick; untie
nettoyer à fond clean; clean out; clean up; clear; clear out; empty; finish; give a good cleaning; remove; tidy out; tidy up; wash clean out; clean up; get undone; muck out; pull out; tidy up; unpick; untie
plaider l'acquittement clear; exculpate; exonerate
purger clean; clear; give a good cleaning; remove; wash chasten; ennoble; open the bowels; purify; refine
purifier clean; clear; give a good cleaning; remove; wash chasten; ennoble; purify; refine
retirer clean out; clear; clear out; drain; empty; finish; remove; take out annul; bear a grudge; bear malice; blame; blame someone of; cadge; cancel; collar; control; deprive; discredit; expropriate; filch; go thieving; harbour a grudge; keep back; keep under control; make off with; moderate; nick; pilfer; pinch; pull out; purloin; rancor; rancour; rebuke; recall; recant; repeal; reprimand; reproach; rescind; restrain; reverse; revoke; rob; snatch; snitch; steal; subdue; suppress; swipe; take; take away; take out; undo; unpick
récurer clean; clear; give a good cleaning; remove; wash
solder clear; sell off; sell out clean; clear away; get even; level; lower; make even; mark down; pay; pay on account; pay up; put away; reduce; settle; tidy up
sortir clean out; clear; clear out; drain; empty; finish; remove; take out abandon; be on the razzle; be on the spree; bring out; bulge; bulge out; depart from; feast; go out; going out; issue; leave; pop; pull out; retire; revel; secede from; show; take out; undo; unpick; withdraw
vider clean out; clear; clear out; drain; empty; finish; make empty; remove; remove what is inside; take out burn up; cast out; consume; drink; drink up; dump out; effuse; empty; empty out; finish; gut; loot; pour; pour out; pump dry; pump out; ransack; sprinkle; strip bare; throw out; unload; use up
éponger clean; clear; give a good cleaning; remove; wash wipe off
épurer clean; clear; give a good cleaning; remove; wash chasten; ennoble; purify; refine
évacuer clean out; clear; clear out; drain; empty; finish; make empty; remove; remove what is inside; take out discharge; disgorge; drain; empty; evacuate; expel; pour out; remove; tap
- acquit; assoil; authorise; authorize; brighten; bring in; clear up; discharge; earn; exculpate; exonerate; gain; light up; make; net; pass; pull in; realise; realize; sack; sack up; solve; take in; top; unclutter
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
libre blank; clear; roguish; sly; unmarked accessible; at liberty; at someone's disposal; available; bold; easy; effortless; free; freely; natural; single; unconstrained; unhampered; unhindered; unimpeded; uninhibited; unmarried; unobstructed; vacant
net bright; clear; clear-cut; directly; discernible; distinct; graphic; identifiable; obvious; recognisable; recognizable; unambiguous; understandable; unequivocal; unmistakable after tax; clean; cleaned; cleanly; cleansed; cutting; hygienic; neat; neatly; net; nett; nipping; pure; snappy; tidied; tidy; unadulterated; unambiguous
transparent clear; diaphanous; glass-like; glassiness; pellucid; see-through; translucent; transparent; vitreous glasslike; glassy; glazed; transparent
- absolved; clean; clean-cut; clear-cut; cleared; decipherable; exculpated; exonerated; light; open; percipient; readable; unclouded; unmortgaged; vindicated; well-defined
AdverbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- all the way; clearly
Not SpecifiedTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
libérer deallocate
manifeste application manifest; assembly manifest; manifest
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
sortir issue
- arrange; clarify; clear in; clear in the customs; clear through the Customs; declare; declare in the customs; given; lucid; make way
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
achevé accomplished; achieved; clear; completed; concluded; evident; finished; out; over; prepared; ready; ready for use accomplished; achieved; complete; completed; done; finished; flawless; off; over; perfect; proficient; ready; thorough
animé amusing; animated; attentive; bright; buoyant; cheerful; clear; colorful; colourful; dependable; eager; eagre; enchanted; enthusiastic; festive; funny; gay; happy; jolly; joyful; joyous; merry; mystified; neat; passionate; pleasant; reliable; safe; spell bound; sunny; tidy; trusted; trustworthy; under enchantment; vibrant active; actively; animated; blatant; boisterous; brisk; buoyant; busily; busily engaged; bustling; busy; cheerful; clamorous; dynamic; eager; eagre; energetic; engaged; enthusiastic; fidgety; full of joy; gay; happy; hard-working; high-spirited; humming; impassioned; industrious; industriously; inspired; jolly; lively; loud; merry; noisy; occupied; operative; restless; spirited; sprightly

Palabras relacionadas con "clear":

Sinónimos de "clear":

Antónimos de "clear":

Definiciones relacionadas de "clear":

  1. readily apparent to the mind1
    • a clear and present danger1
    • a clear explanation1
    • a clear case of murder1
    • a clear indication that she was angry1
    • gave us a clear idea of human nature1
  2. allowing light to pass through1
    • clear water1
    • clear plastic bags1
    • clear glass1
    • the air is clear and clean1
  3. free from confusion or doubt1
    • a complex problem requiring a clear head1
    • not clear about what is expected of us1
  4. free from clouds or mist or haze1
    • on a clear day1
  5. accurately stated or described1
  6. characterized by ease and quickness in perceiving1
    • clear mind1
  7. clear and distinct to the senses; easily perceptible1
    • as clear as a whistle1
    • clear footprints in the snow1
    • the letter brought back a clear image of his grandfather1
  8. (especially of a title) free from any encumbrance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law1
    • I have clear title to this property1
  9. free from contact or proximity or connection1
    • we were clear of the danger1
    • the ship was clear of the reef1
  10. freed from any question of guilt1
    • was now clear of the charge of cowardice1
  11. easily deciphered1
  12. clear of charges or deductions1
    • a clear profit1
  13. affording free passage or view1
    • a clear view1
    • a clear path to victory1
  14. free from flaw or blemish or impurity1
    • a clear perfect diamond1
    • the clear complexion of a healthy young woman1
  15. (of sound or color) free from anything that dulls or dims1
    • clear laughter like a waterfall1
    • clear reds and blues1
  16. free of restrictions or qualifications1
    • a clear winner1
  17. characterized by freedom from troubling thoughts (especially guilt)1
    • a clear conscience1
    • regarded her questioner with clear untroubled eyes1
  18. in an easily perceptible manner1
    • She cried loud and clear1
  19. completely1
    • read the book clear to the end1
    • slept clear through the night1
    • there were open fields clear to the horizon1
  20. a clear or unobstructed space or expanse of land or water1
  21. the state of being free of suspicion1
    • investigation showed that he was in the clear1
  22. free (the throat) by making a rasping sound1
  23. rid of obstructions1
  24. remove1
    • clear the leaves from the lawn1
  25. make a way or path by removing objects1
  26. remove the occupants of1
  27. remove (people) from a building1
    • clear the patrons from the theater after the bomb threat1
  28. rid of instructions or data1
    • clear a memory buffer1
  29. make clear, bright, light, or translucent1
    • The water had to be cleared through filtering1
  30. settle, as of a debt1
    • clear a debt1
  31. grant authorization or clearance for1
  32. pronounce not guilty of criminal charges1
    • The suspect was cleared of the murder charges1
  33. pass an inspection or receive authorization1
    • clear customs1
  34. pass by, over, or under without making contact1
    • the balloon cleared the tree tops1
  35. go away or disappear1
    • The fog cleared in the afternoon1
  36. sell1
    • We cleared a lot of the old model cars1
  37. be debited and credited to the proper bank accounts1
    • The check will clear within 2 business days1
  38. earn on some commercial or business transaction; earn as salary or wages1
    • He clears $5,000 each month1
  39. make as a net profit1
    • The company cleared $1 million1
  40. yield as a net profit1
  41. clear from impurities, blemishes, pollution, etc.1
    • clear the water before it can be drunk1
  42. free from payment of customs duties, as of a shipment1
  43. go unchallenged; be approved1
    • The bill cleared the House1
  44. become clear1
  45. To turn a setting off or to remove a value.2
  46. To collect the funds for a check and pay them to the check holder. When a check clears, the money has been withdrawn from the bank account and paid to the recipient.2
  47. When Windows Disk Protection is enabled, to erase or empty the cache file on the hard disk when a user logs off or the computer is restarted.2

Wiktionary: clear

  1. to become clear
    • clear → s'éclaircir
  2. to eliminate ambiguity or doubt; to clarify
  1. meteorology: less than 1/8 obscured by clouds
  2. free of ambiguity or doubt
  3. without clouds
  4. free of obstacles
  5. bright, not obscured
  6. transparent in colour
  1. rendre quitte, libérer des dettes. Il se dit en parlant des personne et des choses.
  2. rendre blanc, couvrir d’une couche blanche.
  3. débarrasser une table des plats, assiettes, etc.
  4. dégager de ce qui embarrasser.
  5. débarrasser, dégager un lieu des choses qui l’encombrer, qui s’y trouver entasser confusément.
  6. débarrasser de ce qui boucher, de ce qui obstruer.
  7. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  8. Faire disparaître plus ou moins, parler de la forme, des couleurs de quelque chose.
  9. Faire que ce qui clore, fermer, ne le être plus.
  1. Qui a l’éclat du jour, de la lumière.
  2. Qui est clair, transparent.
  3. Qui est uni, poli, sans tache, sans souillure.
  4. Qui est clair, doux, pur et calme, en parlant du ciel, de l’air, du temps.
  5. physique|fr Qualifie un corps qui laisser passer une lumière diffuse, sans permettre de distinguer les objets à travers.
  6. qui est évident
  7. Dont le sens s’impose naturellement à l’esprit, qui a le caractère de l’évidence.

Cross Translation:
clear ranger opruimen — iets uit de weg ruimen
clear → s'éclairir opklaren — het ontstaan van open plekken in wat een gesloten wolkendek was
clear clair klaar — helder, duidelijk
clear clair duidelijk — goed te herkennen
clear clair duidelijk — niet mis te verstaan
clear déboucher doorsteken — met een lang voorwerp door een buis gaan met als doel deze open te maken
clear effacer wissen — (overgankelijk) het niet meer laten bestaan van
clear clair; parlant; compréhensible anschaulich — allgemein verständlich (z.B. bei Weitergabe von Informationen)
clear nettoyer aufklarenSeeleutesprache: (einen Raum, eine Werkstatt usw.) aufräumen, ordnen
clear limpide; clair; net deutlich — wahrnehmbar durch die Sinne
clear apparent; évident; claire evidentgehoben: überzeugend, offensichtlich oder klar ersichtlich
clear clair; évident klaroffensichtlich
clear clair klarungetrübt
clear clarifier klären — von Schmutz befreien
clear clair übersichtlichdeutlich zu erkennen, überblicken oder verstehen

Traducciones relacionadas de clearing