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Traducciones detalladas de collide with de inglés a francés

collide with:

to collide with verbo (collides with, collided with, colliding with)

  1. to collide with
    entrer en collision; heurter
    • heurter verbo (heurte, heurtes, heurtons, heurtez, )

Conjugaciones de collide with:

  1. collide with
  2. collide with
  3. collides with
  4. collide with
  5. collide with
  6. collide with
simple past
  1. collided with
  2. collided with
  3. collided with
  4. collided with
  5. collided with
  6. collided with
present perfect
  1. have collided with
  2. have collided with
  3. has collided with
  4. have collided with
  5. have collided with
  6. have collided with
past continuous
  1. was colliding with
  2. were colliding with
  3. was colliding with
  4. were colliding with
  5. were colliding with
  6. were colliding with
  1. shall collide with
  2. will collide with
  3. will collide with
  4. shall collide with
  5. will collide with
  6. will collide with
continuous present
  1. am colliding with
  2. are colliding with
  3. is colliding with
  4. are colliding with
  5. are colliding with
  6. are colliding with
  1. be collided with
  2. be collided with
  3. be collided with
  4. be collided with
  5. be collided with
  6. be collided with
  1. collide with!
  2. let's collide with!
  3. collided with
  4. colliding with
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for collide with:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
entrer en collision collide with
heurter collide with annoy; bang; bang into; be annoying; brush against; bump against; bump into; bump up against; call; collide; crash; give offence; glance off; hammer; hit; knock; ricochet off; ring; scandalise; scandalize; shock; slap; smack; tap; tap at; thump; tinkle
- hit; impinge on; run into; strike

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Definiciones relacionadas de "collide with":

  1. hit against; come into sudden contact with1

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