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  1. consent to:


Traducciones detalladas de consent to de inglés a francés

consent to:

to consent to verbo (consents to, consented to, consenting to)

  1. to consent to (assent to; agree to)
    permettre; consentir; approuver; acquiescer; ratifier
    • permettre verbo (permets, permet, permettons, permettez, )
    • consentir verbo (consens, consent, consentons, consentez, )
    • approuver verbo (approuve, approuves, approuvons, approuvez, )
    • acquiescer verbo (acquiesce, acquiesces, acquiesçons, acquiescez, )
    • ratifier verbo (ratifie, ratifies, ratifions, ratifiez, )

Conjugaciones de consent to:

  1. consent to
  2. consent to
  3. consents to
  4. consent to
  5. consent to
  6. consent to
simple past
  1. consented to
  2. consented to
  3. consented to
  4. consented to
  5. consented to
  6. consented to
present perfect
  1. have consented to
  2. have consented to
  3. has consented to
  4. have consented to
  5. have consented to
  6. have consented to
past continuous
  1. was consenting to
  2. were consenting to
  3. was consenting to
  4. were consenting to
  5. were consenting to
  6. were consenting to
  1. shall consent to
  2. will consent to
  3. will consent to
  4. shall consent to
  5. will consent to
  6. will consent to
continuous present
  1. am consenting to
  2. are consenting to
  3. is consenting to
  4. are consenting to
  5. are consenting to
  6. are consenting to
  1. be consented to
  2. be consented to
  3. be consented to
  4. be consented to
  5. be consented to
  6. be consented to
  1. consent to!
  2. let's consent to!
  3. consented to
  4. consenting to
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for consent to:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
acquiescer agree to; assent to; consent to agree with; allow; concede; give in; grant; permit; yield
approuver agree to; assent to; consent to accept; acknowledge; admit; agree; allow; approve; assent to; authorise; authorize; back up; concede; confirm; endorse; give one's fiat to; grant; permit; sanction; shore; submit to; support; tolerate; validate
consentir agree to; assent to; consent to accept; admit; agree; agree to; agree with; allocate; allot; allow; approve; assent to; assign; authorise; authorize; back up; bestow on; concede; confer; confirm; correspond to; endorse; fit; give; give in; give one's fiat to; go to great pains; grant; match; permit; sanction; shore; submit to; support; take pains; tolerate; try hard; validate; yield
permettre agree to; assent to; consent to accept; admit; agree; allow; authorise; authorize; award; comply with; concede; confirm; enable; give one's fiat to; grant; learn; make possible; permit; sanction; submit to; tolerate; validate
ratifier agree to; assent to; consent to accept; acknowledge; approve; assent; authenticate; authorise; authorize; bear out; certify; confirm; guarantee; notice; ratify; sanction; seal; signal; support; underwrite; uphold; validate; vouch for; warrant

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