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effect [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the effect (consequence)
    la conséquence; le développement; l'implication; le résultat
  2. the effect (result; consequence)
    le résultat; l'effet; l'aboutissement; la conséquence; l'aboutissant
  3. the effect (bringing about)
    la provocation
  4. the effect (influence; action)
    l'influence; l'action

to effect verbo (effects, effected, effecting)

  1. to effect (realize; bring about; realise)
    réaliser; accomplir; développer; effectuer
    • réaliser verbo (réalise, réalises, réalisons, réalisez, )
    • accomplir verbo (accomplis, accomplit, accomplissons, accomplissez, )
    • développer verbo (développe, développes, développons, développez, )
    • effectuer verbo (effectue, effectues, effectuons, effectuez, )
  2. to effect (bring about; bring on; produce)
    amener; causer
    • amener verbo (amène, amènes, amenons, amenez, )
    • causer verbo (cause, causes, causons, causez, )

Conjugaciones de effect:

  1. effect
  2. effect
  3. effects
  4. effect
  5. effect
  6. effect
simple past
  1. effected
  2. effected
  3. effected
  4. effected
  5. effected
  6. effected
present perfect
  1. have effected
  2. have effected
  3. has effected
  4. have effected
  5. have effected
  6. have effected
past continuous
  1. was effecting
  2. were effecting
  3. was effecting
  4. were effecting
  5. were effecting
  6. were effecting
  1. shall effect
  2. will effect
  3. will effect
  4. shall effect
  5. will effect
  6. will effect
continuous present
  1. am effecting
  2. are effecting
  3. is effecting
  4. are effecting
  5. are effecting
  6. are effecting
  1. be effected
  2. be effected
  3. be effected
  4. be effected
  5. be effected
  6. be effected
  1. effect!
  2. let's effect!
  3. effected
  4. effecting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for effect:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
aboutissant consequence; effect; result result
aboutissement consequence; effect; result result
action action; effect; influence To Do; act; action; affectation; agitating; campaign; claim; deed; demand; demonstration; element; elementary component; fundamental ingredient; ingredient; legal claim; operate; parliamentary party; part; perform; petition; portion; pose; principle ingredient; protest; public protest; put on; rally; section; segment; share; swank; work
conséquence consequence; effect; result action; consequence; fruit; influence; operation; outcome; result; resulting; working
développement consequence; effect alteration; altering; ascent; boom; change; change of form; changing; civilizing; conversion; cultivating; cultivation; developing time; development; education; evolvement; full growth; growth; increase; increase in scale; maturity; period of boom; polishing; progress; progression; refining; reformation; remodelling; ripeness; scale up; transformation; transposition
effet consequence; effect; result action; consequence; fruit; influence; operation; outcome; result; working
implication consequence; effect action; conclusion; consequence; final result; fruit; influence; operation; outcome; result; upshot; working
influence action; effect; influence influence
provocation bringing about; effect alluring; begetting; bringing about; cause; causing; challenge; immediate cause; incitement; incitement to; instigation; instigation to; motive; procreation; provocation; provoking; reason; stirring up
résultat consequence; effect; result answer; conclusion; consequence; experience; final end; final result; finding; fruit; outcome; resolution; result; scored; solution; upshot
- burden; consequence; core; essence; event; force; gist; impression; issue; outcome; result; upshot
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
accomplir bring about; effect; realise; realize accomplish; achieve; act; attain; bring about; bring to an end; carry out; complete; cover; do; end; execute; finish; get done; get ready; go; realise; realize; substantiate; succeed; travel; traverse
amener bring about; bring on; effect; produce bring up; energise; energize; feed; supply; ventilate
causer bring about; bring on; effect; produce arrive at; blab; bring evil upon; cause; chat; chatter; communicate; converse; create; discuss; end up; engender; give rise to; have a chat; have a conversation; hurt; instigate; lead to; narrate; produce; provoke; rattle; relate; result in; speak; talk; tell; turn out; work out
développer bring about; effect; realise; realize add; add on to; blossom; build out; develop; evolve; expand; extend; fill out; grow in size; swell; unfold; widen
effectuer bring about; effect; realise; realize accomplish; achieve; attain; audit; bring about; bring to an end; carry out; check; complete; do; end; examine; execute; finish; get done; get ready; inspect; labor; labour; succeed; verify; work
réaliser bring about; effect; realise; realize accomplish; achieve; act; attain; bring about; bring forth; capitalise; capitalize; carry out; come about; comprehend; conceptualise; conceptualize; construct; create; design; direct; do; execute; gain; generate; get; get hold of; get one's hands on; grasp; invent; labor; labour; lay one's hands on; make; manufacture; obtain; prepare; produce; receive for one's portion; seize; seize upon; succeed; understand; win; work
- effectuate; set up
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- bring about; execution; influence; result

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Sinónimos de "effect":

Definiciones relacionadas de "effect":

  1. an outward appearance1
    • she retained that bold effect in her reproductions of the original painting1
  2. (of a law) having legal validity1
    • the law is still in effect1
  3. an impression (especially one that is artificial or contrived)1
    • he just did it for effect1
  4. the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work1
  5. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon1
    • the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise1
  6. a symptom caused by an illness or a drug1
    • the effects of sleep loss1
    • the effect of the anesthetic1
  7. produce1
  8. act so as to bring into existence1
    • effect a change1

Wiktionary: effect

  1. to make or bring about; to implement
  1. result of an action
  1. Action d’aboutir.
  2. propre|fr (figuré) action d’atteindre ou résultat de cette action.
  3. Traductions à trier suivant le sens
  4. imprimerie|fr action par laquelle une chose appliquer sur une autre y laisser une empreinte ; résultat de cette action.
  5. Importance d’un raisonnement, d’une expression
  6. Ce qui résulter, ce qui s’ensuivre d’une délibération, d’un principe, d’une opération, d’un événement, etc.
  1. commencer, devenir valable.

Cross Translation:
effect effet Effekt — beabsichtigte oder auch nicht beabsichtigte Wirkung mit überraschender Auswirkung
effect effet WirkungResultat einer Ursache
effect effectuer effektuieren — (transitiv) eine Zahlung leisten
effect effectuer effektuieren — (transitiv) einen Auftrag, Befehl, Plan oder ein Vorhaben ausführen
effect effet effect — uitwerking

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