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to surpass verbo (surpasses, surpassed, surpassing)

  1. to surpass (exceed; transcend; excel)
    dépasser; surpasser
    • dépasser verbo (dépasse, dépasses, dépassons, dépassez, )
    • surpasser verbo (surpasse, surpasses, surpassons, surpassez, )
  2. to surpass (exceed; outbid; transcend; excel)
    dépasser; surpasser; dévancer; l'emporter sur
    • dépasser verbo (dépasse, dépasses, dépassons, dépassez, )
    • surpasser verbo (surpasse, surpasses, surpassons, surpassez, )
    • dévancer verbo
  3. to surpass (be superior to; excel)
    être supérieur à; surpasser
    • surpasser verbo (surpasse, surpasses, surpassons, surpassez, )
  4. to surpass (outstrip)
    éclipser; surpasser
    • éclipser verbo (éclipse, éclipses, éclipsons, éclipsez, )
    • surpasser verbo (surpasse, surpasses, surpassons, surpassez, )

Conjugaciones de surpass:

  1. surpass
  2. surpass
  3. surpasses
  4. surpass
  5. surpass
  6. surpass
simple past
  1. surpassed
  2. surpassed
  3. surpassed
  4. surpassed
  5. surpassed
  6. surpassed
present perfect
  1. have surpassed
  2. have surpassed
  3. has surpassed
  4. have surpassed
  5. have surpassed
  6. have surpassed
past continuous
  1. was surpassing
  2. were surpassing
  3. was surpassing
  4. were surpassing
  5. were surpassing
  6. were surpassing
  1. shall surpass
  2. will surpass
  3. will surpass
  4. shall surpass
  5. will surpass
  6. will surpass
continuous present
  1. am surpassing
  2. are surpassing
  3. is surpassing
  4. are surpassing
  5. are surpassing
  6. are surpassing
  1. be surpassed
  2. be surpassed
  3. be surpassed
  4. be surpassed
  5. be surpassed
  6. be surpassed
  1. surpass!
  2. let's surpass!
  3. surpassed
  4. surpassing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for surpass:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
dépasser exceed; excel; outbid; surpass; transcend bloom; blossom; exceed; grow into; move past; outbid; outgrow; overtake; pass; ride past; rise; rise above; sail past; tower; tower above
dévancer exceed; excel; outbid; surpass; transcend exceed
l'emporter sur exceed; excel; outbid; surpass; transcend be the one in control; dominate; exceed; have the upper hand; outbid
surpasser be superior to; exceed; excel; outbid; outstrip; surpass; transcend exceed; outbid; rise; rise above; tower; tower above
éclipser outstrip; surpass
être supérieur à be superior to; excel; surpass
- exceed; excel; go by; go past; outdo; outgo; outmatch; outperform; outstrip; pass; pass by; stand out; surmount; transcend; travel by
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- pass

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Definiciones relacionadas de "surpass":

  1. be or do something to a greater degree1
    • her performance surpasses that of any other student I know1
  2. move past1
    • One line of soldiers surpassed the other1
  3. be greater in scope or size than some standard1
  4. distinguish oneself1

Wiktionary: surpass

  1. to exceed
Cross Translation:
surpass excéder; dépasser te boven gaan — uitstijgen over iets, groter zijn dan een bepaalde grens
surpass surpasser overtreffen — een voorheen behaald niveau te boven gaan