Traducciones detalladas de file de inglés a neerlandés


file [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the file (dossier)
    de map; de ordner; de opbergmap; de legger
  2. the file (dossier)
    het dossier; de file
  3. the file
    de vijl
    • vijl [de ~] sustantivo
  4. the file (line; queue; row)
    de rij; de colonne; de file
    • rij [de ~] sustantivo
    • colonne [de ~] sustantivo
    • file [de ~] sustantivo
  5. the file (rank; row; line)
    het gelid; de rij
    • gelid [het ~] sustantivo
    • rij [de ~] sustantivo
  6. the file (index; register)
    hoofdboek; de klapper
  7. the file (joint; rank)
    rij manschappen; het gelid
  8. the file
    – A collection of information that is stored on a computer under a single name. 1
    het bestand

to file verbo (files, filed, filing)

  1. to file (archivate; store; document; organize; organise)
    archiveren; opslaan; opbergen; bewaren
    • archiveren verbo (archiveer, archiveert, archiveerde, archiveerden, gearchiveerd)
    • opslaan verbo (sla op, slaat op, sloeg op, sloegen op, opgeslagen)
    • opbergen verbo (berg op, bergt op, borg op, borgen op, opgeborgen)
    • bewaren verbo (bewaar, bewaart, bewaarde, bewaarden, bewaard)
  2. to file
    • vijlen verbo (vijl, vijlt, vijlde, vijlden, gevijld)

Conjugaciones de file:

  1. file
  2. file
  3. files
  4. file
  5. file
  6. file
simple past
  1. filed
  2. filed
  3. filed
  4. filed
  5. filed
  6. filed
present perfect
  1. have filed
  2. have filed
  3. has filed
  4. have filed
  5. have filed
  6. have filed
past continuous
  1. was filing
  2. were filing
  3. was filing
  4. were filing
  5. were filing
  6. were filing
  1. shall file
  2. will file
  3. will file
  4. shall file
  5. will file
  6. will file
continuous present
  1. am filing
  2. are filing
  3. is filing
  4. are filing
  5. are filing
  6. are filing
  1. be filed
  2. be filed
  3. be filed
  4. be filed
  5. be filed
  6. be filed
  1. file!
  2. let's file!
  3. filed
  4. filing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for file:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bestand file armistice; truce
bewaren saving; storing
colonne file; line; queue; row
dossier dossier; file
file dossier; file; line; queue; row buildup of traffic; tailback; traffic block; traffic jam
gelid file; joint; line; rank; row order of rank; rank
hoofdboek file; index; register
klapper file; index; register applauder; clapper; cracker; fire-cracker; godsend; hit; phone index; pleasant surprise; smash; smash hit; smasher; squib; stroke of unexpected luck; windfall; winner
legger dossier; file
map dossier; file directory; folder; writing-case
opbergmap dossier; file
ordner dossier; file
rij file; line; queue; rank; row chain; concatenation; row; sequence; series; string; succession
rij manschappen file; joint; rank
vijl file
- Indian file; data file; file cabinet; filing cabinet; single file
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
archiveren archivate; document; file; organise; organize; store archive
bewaren archivate; document; file; organise; organize; store conserve; guard from; keep; lay aside; lay up; preserve; put away; put up; save; secure; shield; stock; store
opbergen archivate; document; file; organise; organize; store lock up; put away; store; stow away
opslaan archivate; document; file; organise; organize; store lay up; put up; record; remember; save; secure; stock; store
vijlen file
- charge; file away; lodge; register
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bestand equal to
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- binder; dossier; file of documents

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Definiciones relacionadas de "file":

  1. a steel hand tool with small sharp teeth on some or all of its surfaces; used for smoothing wood or metal2
  2. office furniture consisting of a container for keeping papers in order2
  3. a set of related records (either written or electronic) kept together2
  4. a line of persons or things ranged one behind the other2
  5. file a formal charge against2
  6. place in a container for keeping records2
  7. record in a public office or in a court of law2
    • file for divorce2
    • file a complaint2
  8. smooth with a file2
    • file one's fingernails2
  9. proceed in line2
    • The students filed into the classroom2
  10. A collection of information that is stored on a computer under a single name.1

Wiktionary: file

  1. to smooth with a file
  2. to archive
  3. to store computer data
  1. cutting or smoothing tool
  2. chess: vertical line of squares
  3. column of people
  4. computer terminology
  5. collection of papers
  1. een verzameling van gegevens die een eenheid vormen
  2. een aantal documenten, nota's en eventuele andere objecten die samen een geheel vormen

Cross Translation:
file bestand DateiEDV: auf einem Datenträger gespeicherte und durch einen Namen identifizierte Daten
file vijl FeileWerkzeug: mehrschneidiges, spanendes Werkzeug zum Abtragen von Werkstoffen durch das Bearbeitungsverfahren des Feilens
file vijlen feilen — mit einer Feile bearbeiten
file dossier; akte Akte — Sammlung von Aufzeichnungen, die inhaltlich zusammengehören
file dossier; bestand dossier — Liasse de documents administratifs
file telegraferen; verzenden; afgeven; deponeren; in bewaring geven; inleggen déposer — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
file bestand fichier — Collection de fiches
file bestand; file fichier — Informatique : contenant virtuel
file vijl lime — technique|nocat=1 Outil qui sert à dégrossir, à couper, à polir des métaux
file vijlen limerdégrossir, amenuiser, polir avec la lime.
file beurt; file; rij; gelid; reeks; toerbeurt rangée — Traductions à trier suivant le sens


File [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the File
    – The name of a menu in a conversation window from which the user can save the text of the current conversation, open received files, or close the conversation window. 1

Translation Matrix for File:

Not SpecifiedTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Bestand File

Definiciones relacionadas de "File":

  1. The name of a menu in a conversation window from which the user can save the text of the current conversation, open received files, or close the conversation window.1

Traducciones relacionadas de file


Traducciones detalladas de file de neerlandés a inglés


file [de ~] sustantivo

  1. de file (colonne; rij)
    the queue; the row; the file; the line
    • queue [the ~] sustantivo
    • row [the ~] sustantivo
    • file [the ~] sustantivo
    • line [the ~] sustantivo
  2. de file (dossier)
    the dossier; the file
  3. de file (verkeersopstopping; opstopping; verkeersstremming)
    the traffic jam; the tailback; the traffic block; the buildup of traffic

Translation Matrix for file:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
buildup of traffic file; opstopping; verkeersopstopping; verkeersstremming
dossier dossier; file legger; map; opbergmap; ordner
file colonne; dossier; file; rij bestand; gelid; hoofdboek; klapper; legger; map; opbergmap; ordner; rij; rij manschappen; vijl
line colonne; file; rij aansluiting; afzetlint; connectie; contact; gelid; koord; kordon; lijn; lijntje; linie; lint; politielint; regel; rij; schriftlijn; streep; streepje; verbinding
queue colonne; file; rij wachtrij
row colonne; file; rij aaneenschakeling; botsing; conflict; cyclus; dispuut; gelid; keten; ketting; meningsverschil; onenigheid; record; reeks; rij; rijtje; roeitochtje; ruzie; serie; snoer; stennis; twist; woordenwisseling
tailback file; opstopping; verkeersopstopping; verkeersstremming fileverkeer
traffic block file; opstopping; verkeersopstopping; verkeersstremming
traffic jam file; opstopping; verkeersopstopping; verkeersstremming fileverkeer; filevorming
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
file archiveren; bewaren; opbergen; opslaan; vijlen
line belijnen; lijnen; liniëren; strepen; strepen trekken; van lijnen voorzien
row roeien

Palabras relacionadas con "file":

  • files

Wiktionary: file

  1. straight sequence of people, queue
  2. column of people
  3. computer terminology
  4. situation in which all road traffic is stationary or very slow

Cross Translation:
file traffic jam; traffic congestion embouteillage — Embarras de circulation
file file fichier — Informatique : contenant virtuel
file row; file; line; run; sequence rangée — Traductions à trier suivant le sens