Traducciones detalladas de scold de inglés a neerlandés


to scold verbo (scolds, scolded, scolding)

  1. to scold (bawl out; swear at; storm at; tell off; tick off)
    – censure severely or angrily 1
    uitschelden; uitkafferen; uitvloeken; uitfoeteren
    • uitschelden verbo (scheld uit, scheldt uit, schold uit, scholden uit, uitgescholden)
    • uitkafferen verbo (kaffer uit, kaffert uit, kafferde uit, kafferden uit, uitgekafferd)
    • uitvloeken verbo
    • uitfoeteren verbo (foeter uit, foetert uit, foeterde uit, foeterden uit, uitgefoeterd)
  2. to scold (chide)
    – censure severely or angrily 1
    • beknorren verbo (beknor, beknort, beknorde, beknorden, beknord)
  3. to scold (rail at; abuse; revile)
    – censure severely or angrily 1
  4. to scold (tell off; blow a person up; wig; dress down)
    – censure severely or angrily 1

Conjugaciones de scold:

  1. scold
  2. scold
  3. scolds
  4. scold
  5. scold
  6. scold
simple past
  1. scolded
  2. scolded
  3. scolded
  4. scolded
  5. scolded
  6. scolded
present perfect
  1. have scolded
  2. have scolded
  3. has scolded
  4. have scolded
  5. have scolded
  6. have scolded
past continuous
  1. was scolding
  2. were scolding
  3. was scolding
  4. were scolding
  5. were scolding
  6. were scolding
  1. shall scold
  2. will scold
  3. will scold
  4. shall scold
  5. will scold
  6. will scold
continuous present
  1. am scolding
  2. are scolding
  3. is scolding
  4. are scolding
  5. are scolding
  6. are scolding
  1. be scolded
  2. be scolded
  3. be scolded
  4. be scolded
  5. be scolded
  6. be scolded
  1. scold!
  2. let's scold!
  3. scolded
  4. scolding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for scold:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- common scold; nag; nagger; scolder
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
beknorren chide; scold
schelden op abuse; rail at; revile; scold
uitbrander geven blow a person up; dress down; scold; tell off; wig
uitfoeteren bawl out; scold; storm at; swear at; tell off; tick off
uitkafferen bawl out; scold; storm at; swear at; tell off; tick off
uitschelden bawl out; scold; storm at; swear at; tell off; tick off abuse; call names; call someone names; jeer at; scoff at; taunt
uitvloeken bawl out; scold; storm at; swear at; tell off; tick off
- bawl out; berate; call down; call on the carpet; chide; dress down; grouch; grumble; jaw; lecture; rag; rebuke; reprimand; reproof; take to task; trounce

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Definiciones relacionadas de "scold":

  1. someone (especially a woman) who annoys people by constantly finding fault1
  2. censure severely or angrily1
    • The mother scolded the child for entering a stranger's car1
  3. show one's unhappiness or critical attitude1
    • He scolded about anything that he thought was wrong1

Wiktionary: scold

  1. person fond of abusive language, particularly a woman

Cross Translation:
scold foeteren schimpfen — (intransitiv) einer anderen Person seinen Ärger über diese kund tun
scold kattekop mégère — péjoratif|fr femme méchante et emportée, par allusion à l’une des Érinyes.
scold beknorren; berispen; terechtwijzen; verwijten reprocherimputer la faute à quelqu’un, en l’blâmer, en lui faire des remontrances.
scold manen; aanmanen; aansporen; beknorren; berispen; terechtwijzen; verwijten réprimanderreprendre quelqu’un avec autorité, lui reprocher sa faute.