Traducciones detalladas de amiability de inglés a neerlandés


amiability [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the amiability (friendliness; kindness; goodwill; geniality; heartiness)
    de vriendelijkheid; de aardigheid
  2. the amiability (sweetness; kindness)
    de liefheid; de zoetheid
  3. the amiability (charm; sweetness)
    de bekoorlijkheid; de bevalligheid
  4. the amiability
    de lieflijkheid; de lieftalligheid
  5. the amiability (good-nature)
    de goedmoedigheid

Translation Matrix for amiability:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
aardigheid amiability; friendliness; geniality; goodwill; heartiness; kindness banter; delight; fun; gift; joke; joy; little gift; little present; offering; pleasure; prank; present
bekoorlijkheid amiability; charm; sweetness allurement; appeal; attractiveness; charm; delightfulness; enchantment; enticement; fascination; loveliness; power of attraction; splendidness
bevalligheid amiability; charm; sweetness
goedmoedigheid amiability; good-nature
liefheid amiability; kindness; sweetness
lieflijkheid amiability
lieftalligheid amiability
vriendelijkheid amiability; friendliness; geniality; goodwill; heartiness; kindness
zoetheid amiability; kindness; sweetness
- affability; affableness; amiableness; bonhomie; geniality; good humor; good humour; good temper

Sinónimos de "amiability":

Antónimos de "amiability":

  • ill humor

Definiciones relacionadas de "amiability":

  1. a disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to)1
  2. a cheerful and agreeable mood1