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Translation Matrix for assure:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- ascertain; check; control; ensure; guarantee; insure; promise; reassure; secure; see; see to it; tell

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  1. be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something1
  2. assure somebody of the truth of something with the intention of giving the listener confidence1
    • I assured him that traveling to Cambodia was safe1
  3. make a promise or commitment1
  4. make certain of1
  5. inform positively and with certainty and confidence1
  6. cause to feel sure; give reassurance to1

Wiktionary: assure

  1. to reassure
  2. to make sure and secure
  3. to give someone confidence in the trustworthiness of something

Cross Translation:
assure waarborgen gewährleistengarantieren, versichern, dass etwas sichergestellt ist
assure waarborgen sicherstellen — (transitiv) gewährleisten, garantieren, zusichern, absichern
assure betuigen; verzekeren certifier — Témoigner qu’une chose est vraie.