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Translation Matrix for steep:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- absorb; engross; engulf; immerse; infuse; plunge; soak up
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bruusk abrupt; blunt; curt; short; steep abruptly; all of a sudden; quick; sudden; suddenly; swiftly; unexpectedly
kortaf abrupt; blunt; curt; short; steep abrupt; blunt; snappy; snarling
nors abrupt; blunt; curt; short; steep cantankerous; crabbed; crusty; gruff; grumpy; nagging; rigid; sullen; surly
onzacht abrupt; blunt; curt; short; steep hard; hard-handed; harsh; rough; violent
steil askew; leaning; lopsided; oblique; slanting; sloping; steep
- exorbitant; extortionate; outrageous; unconscionable; usurious
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
hellend askew; leaning; lopsided; oblique; slanting; sloping; steep
schuin aflopend askew; leaning; lopsided; oblique; slanting; sloping; steep

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Definiciones relacionadas de "steep":

  1. having a sharp inclination1
    • the steep attic stairs1
    • steep cliffs1
  2. of a slope; set at a high angle1
    • note the steep incline1
    • a steep roof sheds snow1
  3. greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation1
  4. a steep place (as on a hill)1
  5. let sit in a liquid to extract a flavor or to cleanse1
    • steep the blossoms in oil1
    • steep the fruit in alcohol1
  6. devote (oneself) fully to1

Wiktionary: steep

  1. near-vertical
  1. to soak an item in liquid
  1. onder een grote helling ten opzichte van horizontaal

Cross Translation:
steep steil; bars; bruusk; kortaangebonden; abrupt; kortaf abrupt — Dont la pente est escarpée et comme rompre.
steep duur; kostbaar; prijzig; dierbaar; lief; waard; waardevol; geacht; beste cher — Qui est chéri, tendrement aimer, auquel on tenir beaucoup.
steep steil escarpé — Qui est en pente raide.
steep abrupt; bruusk; kortaf; gespannen; ingespannen; pakkend; spannend; strak; houterig; star; stijf; stram; stug; steil raide — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
steep doortrekken; verzadigen saturer — chimie|fr dissoudre dans un liquide la quantité maximale qu’il pouvoir absorber d’une substance.

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