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to suppose verbo (supposes, supposed, supposing)

  1. to suppose (assume; presume)
    ervan uitgaan
    • ervan uitgaan verbo (ga ervan uit, gaat ervan uit, ging ervan uit, gingen ervan uit, ervan uitgegaan)
  2. to suppose (conjecture; guess; speculate; )
    raden; gissen; gissing maken
  3. to suppose (postulate; presume; surmise; presuppose)
    vooronderstellen; postuleren
    • vooronderstellen verbo (vooronderstel, vooronderstelt, vooronderstelde, vooronderstelden, voorondersteld)
    • postuleren verbo (postuleer, postuleert, postuleerde, postuleerden, gepostuleerd)
  4. suppose (presume)
    – het op grond van bepaalde aanwijzingen denken 1
    • vermoeden verbo (vermoed, vermoedt, vermoedde, vermoedden, vermoed)
      • wij vermoeden dat hij boos is1

Conjugaciones de suppose:

  1. suppose
  2. suppose
  3. supposes
  4. suppose
  5. suppose
  6. suppose
simple past
  1. supposed
  2. supposed
  3. supposed
  4. supposed
  5. supposed
  6. supposed
present perfect
  1. have supposed
  2. have supposed
  3. has supposed
  4. have supposed
  5. have supposed
  6. have supposed
past continuous
  1. was supposing
  2. were supposing
  3. was supposing
  4. were supposing
  5. were supposing
  6. were supposing
  1. shall suppose
  2. will suppose
  3. will suppose
  4. shall suppose
  5. will suppose
  6. will suppose
continuous present
  1. am supposing
  2. are supposing
  3. is supposing
  4. are supposing
  5. are supposing
  6. are supposing
  1. be supposed
  2. be supposed
  3. be supposed
  4. be supposed
  5. be supposed
  6. be supposed
  1. suppose!
  2. let's suppose!
  3. supposed
  4. supposing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for suppose:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
vermoeden presuming; presumption; supposition
vooronderstellen presumption; presupposition
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
ervan uitgaan assume; presume; suppose
gissen conjecture; estimate; guess; presume; speculate; suppose; surmise
gissing maken conjecture; estimate; guess; presume; speculate; suppose; surmise
postuleren postulate; presume; presuppose; suppose; surmise
raden conjecture; estimate; guess; presume; speculate; suppose; surmise advise; suggest
vermoeden presume; suppose
vooronderstellen postulate; presume; presuppose; suppose; surmise
- conjecture; guess; hypothecate; hypothesise; hypothesize; imagine; opine; presuppose; reckon; say; speculate; theorise; theorize; think

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Definiciones relacionadas de "suppose":

  1. expect, believe, or suppose2
  2. to believe especially on uncertain or tentative grounds2
    • Scientists supposed that large dinosaurs lived in swamps2
  3. require as a necessary antecedent or precondition2
  4. take for granted or as a given; suppose beforehand2
  5. express a supposition2

Wiktionary: suppose

  1. conclude; believe
  2. theorize; hypothesize
  1. een bepaalde aanname maken

Cross Translation:
suppose veronderstellen annehmen — eine Vermutung anstellen
suppose geloven glauben»etwas glauben«/»glauben, dass«; subjektiv:
suppose aannemen; menen; stellen; vermoeden; veronderstellen supposer — Poser une chose pour établie (sens général)

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