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Traducciones detalladas de barb de inglés a sueco


barb [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the barb (fish hook; crook; sting; fish-hook; hook)
    fiske hake
  2. the barb (sting; fish-hook)
    krok; fiskkrok; angelkrok


  1. barb

Translation Matrix for barb:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
angelkrok barb; fish-hook; sting
fiske hake barb; crook; fish hook; fish-hook; hook; sting
fiskkrok barb; fish-hook; sting
krok barb; fish-hook; sting hook; peg
- dig; gibe; jibe; shaft; shot; slam
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
hulling barb

Palabras relacionadas con "barb":

  • barbs

Sinónimos de "barb":

Definiciones relacionadas de "barb":

  1. one of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather1
  2. a subsidiary point facing opposite from the main point that makes an arrowhead or spear hard to remove1
  3. the pointed part of barbed wire1
  4. an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect1
  5. provide with barbs1
    • barbed wire1

Wiktionary: barb

Cross Translation:
barb skäggtöm Bartel — fadenförmiger Anhang (Tast- und Geschmacksorgan) am Maul oder Kinn von Fischen