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to cheat verbo (cheats, cheated, cheating)

  1. to cheat (swindle; deceive; hoodwink; woodwink; diddle)
    svindla; bedra; lura
    • svindla verbo (svindlar, svindlade, svindlat)
    • bedra verbo (bedrar, bedragade, bedragat)
    • lura verbo (lurar, lurade, lurat)
  2. to cheat (trick; fool)
    fuska; lura; bedra
    • fuska verbo (fuskar, fuskade, fuskat)
    • lura verbo (lurar, lurade, lurat)
    • bedra verbo (bedrar, bedragade, bedragat)
  3. to cheat (swindle; con)
    lura; bedra; svindla; narra
    • lura verbo (lurar, lurade, lurat)
    • bedra verbo (bedrar, bedragade, bedragat)
    • svindla verbo (svindlar, svindlade, svindlat)
    • narra verbo (narrar, narrade, narrat)
  4. to cheat (lie; dodge)
    fuska; lura; bedra; fiffla; narra; spela falskt
    • fuska verbo (fuskar, fuskade, fuskat)
    • lura verbo (lurar, lurade, lurat)
    • bedra verbo (bedrar, bedragade, bedragat)
    • fiffla verbo (fifflar, fifflade, fifflat)
    • narra verbo (narrar, narrade, narrat)
    • spela falskt verbo (spelar falskt, spelade falskt, spelat falskt)
  5. to cheat (spoof; trick; gull)
    fuska; svindla; lura
    • fuska verbo (fuskar, fuskade, fuskat)
    • svindla verbo (svindlar, svindlade, svindlat)
    • lura verbo (lurar, lurade, lurat)

Conjugaciones de cheat:

  1. cheat
  2. cheat
  3. cheats
  4. cheat
  5. cheat
  6. cheat
simple past
  1. cheated
  2. cheated
  3. cheated
  4. cheated
  5. cheated
  6. cheated
present perfect
  1. have cheated
  2. have cheated
  3. has cheated
  4. have cheated
  5. have cheated
  6. have cheated
past continuous
  1. was cheating
  2. were cheating
  3. was cheating
  4. were cheating
  5. were cheating
  6. were cheating
  1. shall cheat
  2. will cheat
  3. will cheat
  4. shall cheat
  5. will cheat
  6. will cheat
continuous present
  1. am cheating
  2. are cheating
  3. is cheating
  4. are cheating
  5. are cheating
  6. are cheating
  1. be cheated
  2. be cheated
  3. be cheated
  4. be cheated
  5. be cheated
  6. be cheated
  1. cheat!
  2. let's cheat!
  3. cheated
  4. cheating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

cheat [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the cheat (blackmail)
  2. the cheat (con man; circumventer; swindler)
  3. the cheat (deceiver; misleader; circumventer; con man)
    fuskare; bedragare; svindlare; missledare

Translation Matrix for cheat:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bedragare cheat; circumventer; con man; deceiver; misleader arch deceiver; arrant cheat; arrant liar; cheats; con man; con men; consummate liar; crook; deceiters; dissembler; fibber; fiddlers; frauds; habitual liar; imposter; liar; swindler; swindlers; twister
bedrägare cheat; circumventer; con man; swindler con man; fraud; swindler
chantage blackmail; cheat
fuskare cheat; circumventer; con man; deceiver; misleader broddlers; bungler; bunglers; fly-by-night; messy persons; muddler; muff; sad sack
missledare cheat; circumventer; con man; deceiver; misleader
svindlare cheat; circumventer; con man; deceiver; misleader cheats; con man; con men; crook; deceiters; equivocator; fiddlers; fraud; frauds; imposter; sham; swindler; swindlers
- Bromus secalinus; Lolium temulentum; bearded darnel; beguiler; cheater; cheating; chess; darnel; deceiver; rig; slicker; swindle; tare; trickster
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bedra cheat; con; deceive; diddle; dodge; fool; hoodwink; lie; swindle; trick; woodwink commit fraud; deceive; delude; fiddle; fool; hold out; kid; spoof; swindle; trick
fiffla cheat; dodge; lie
fuska cheat; dodge; fool; gull; lie; spoof; trick bungle; fiddle; fumble; mess about; mess around; monkey; muck; muddle; potter; tinker
lura cheat; con; deceive; diddle; dodge; fool; gull; hoodwink; lie; spoof; swindle; trick; woodwink allure; attract; commit fraud; deceive; delude; entice; fool; hold out; invite; lead up the garden path; lure; mislead; pull someone's leg; put on the wrong track; seduce; spoof; swindle; take the micky out of; tempt; trick
narra cheat; con; dodge; lie; swindle allure; attract; delude; entice; hold out; invite; seduce; tempt
spela falskt cheat; dodge; lie
svindla cheat; con; deceive; diddle; gull; hoodwink; spoof; swindle; trick; woodwink deceive; get dizzy; spoof; swindle; trick
- betray; cheat on; chicane; chisel; chouse; cuckold; jockey; rip off; screw; shaft; wander
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
lurendrejare cheat; fraud; swindle

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Definiciones relacionadas de "cheat":

  1. a deception for profit to yourself1
  2. the act of swindling by some fraudulent scheme1
  3. someone who leads you to believe something that is not true1
  4. weedy annual native to Europe but widely distributed as a weed especially in wheat1
  5. weedy annual grass often occurs in grainfields and other cultivated land; seeds sometimes considered poisonous1
  6. defeat someone through trickery or deceit1
  7. deprive somebody of something by deceit1
    • we were cheated by their clever-sounding scheme1
  8. engage in deceitful behavior; practice trickery or fraud1
  9. be sexually unfaithful to one's partner in marriage1
    • She cheats on her husband1

Wiktionary: cheat

  1. unfair advantage in a computer game
  2. card game
  3. someone who is dishonest or cheats
  1. manage to avoid something
  2. being unfaithful
  3. violate rules to gain advantage

Cross Translation:
cheat lura besebelntransitiv; salopp: willentlich täuschen
cheat bedra betrügen — jemandem absichtlich und böswillig die Unwahrheit sagen
cheat bedra betrügen — jemanden sexuell hintergehen
cheat vara otrogen; vänsterprassla; prassla fremdgehen — (intransitiv) (umgangssprachlich) seinem Partner sexuell untreu sein
cheat lura linkenjemanden linken: jemanden hereinlegen, täuschen
cheat fuska schummeln — im Spiel (ein wenig, ohne schwerwiegende Konsequenzen) unehrlich sein beziehungsweise betrügen
cheat lura avoir — Tromper.

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