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confectionery [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the confectionery (candy; sweets; sweetmeats; sweetie; sweet)
    godis; sötsaker; godsaker
  2. the confectionery (sweets; candy)
    • godis [-ett] sustantivo
  3. the confectionery (patisserie)
  4. the confectionery


  1. confectionery
  2. confectionery

Translation Matrix for confectionery:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
godis candy; confectionery; sweet; sweetie; sweetmeats; sweets candies; candy; preserves
godsaker candy; confectionery; sweet; sweetie; sweetmeats; sweets
godsaksaffär confectionery; patisserie
godsakstillverkning confectionery; patisserie
konditori confectionery; patisserie café; confectioner's; confectioner's shop; confectioners shop; diner; pastry-making; pastry-shop; pastrycook's shop; refreshment bar; tearoom
sötsaker candy; confectionery; patisserie; sweet; sweetie; sweetmeats; sweets candy
- candy store; confectionary
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
konditorivaror confectionery
konfektyr confectionery confectionery product
konfektyrtillverkning confectionery

Palabras relacionadas con "confectionery":

  • confectioneries

Sinónimos de "confectionery":

Definiciones relacionadas de "confectionery":

  1. the occupation and skills of a confectioner1
  2. a confectioner's shop1
  3. candy and other sweets considered collectively1
    • the business decided to concentrate on confectionery and soft drinks1

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Cross Translation:
confectionery konditori; kondis Konditorei — Gewerbefachbetrieb zur Herstellung von Kuchen, Torten und Plätzchen