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clientes [el ~] sustantivo

  1. el clientes (visitas; círculo de clientes; clientela)
    the customers; the visitors; the clients; the patrons
  2. el clientes (clientela; círculo de clientes)
    the clientele; the customers; the patronage; the clients; the patrons
  3. el clientes (C; cuentas por cobrar; ctas. por cobrar)
    the accounts receivable; the A/R
    – A group of posting accounts that show the amounts customers owe for services or sales made on credit. 1

Translation Matrix for clientes:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
A/R C; clientes; ctas. por cobrar; cuentas por cobrar
accounts receivable C; clientes; ctas. por cobrar; cuentas por cobrar
clientele clientela; clientes; círculo de clientes clientela; círculo de clientes
clients clientela; clientes; círculo de clientes; visitas
customers clientela; clientes; círculo de clientes; visitas clientela; círculo de clientes
patronage clientela; clientes; círculo de clientes abrigo contra; clientela; círculo de clientes; donación; donativo; favor; mecenazgo; protección; seguridad
patrons clientela; clientes; círculo de clientes; visitas cabezas; directores; empresarios; gerentes; jefes; mentores; patrono
visitors clientela; clientes; círculo de clientes; visitas visita

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cliente [el ~] sustantivo

  1. el cliente (comprador; parroquiana; parroquiano)
    the customer; the client
  2. el cliente (principal)
    the principal; the client; the customer

cliente [la ~] sustantivo

  1. la cliente
    the client; the female client


  1. cliente (equipo cliente)
    the client; the client computer
    – A computer or program that connects to or requests the services of another computer or program. 1
  2. cliente
    the client
    – In object-oriented programming, a member of a class (group) that uses the services of another class to which it is not related. 1
  3. cliente
    the client
    – A process, such as a program or task, that requests a service provided by another program--for example, a word processor that calls on a sort routine built into another program. The client process uses the requested service without having to "know" any working details about the other program or the service itself. 1
  4. cliente
    the customer
    – A person or company to whom your company sells products or services. 1
  5. cliente
    the customer
    – The account or contact with which a business unit conducts a business transaction. 1
  6. cliente
    the client
    – A service, application, or device that wants to integrate into the Microsoft Sync Framework architecture. 1

Translation Matrix for cliente:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
client cliente; comprador; equipo cliente; parroquiana; parroquiano; principal
client computer cliente; equipo cliente
customer cliente; comprador; parroquiana; parroquiano; principal
female client cliente
principal cliente; principal director; director de escuela; directora; entidad de seguridad; gerente; jefe; maestro; mandante; mentor; patrono; patrón; persona que da órdenes a otras; principal culpable; principal sospechoso
AdjectiveTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
principal cardinal; central; crucial; decisivo; esencial; fundamental; mayoritario; principal; vital

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Wiktionary: cliente

  1. one who purchases or receives a product or service
  2. person who receives help or advice from a professional person
  3. computing: the role of a computer application or system
  4. a customer or receiver of services
  5. person who makes purchases
  6. customer

Cross Translation:
cliente client klant — afnemer van een product of dienst van een leverancier
cliente guest; sojourner; invitee; visitor; visitant Gast — Person, die unentgeltlich oder gegen Entgelt beherbergen, bewirten oder befördern wirdWikipedia|Gast
cliente customer Kunde — jemand, der bei einem bestimmten Geschäft einkauft, ist dessen Kunde; der Käufer einer Ware; derjenige, der eine Dienstleistung in Anspruch nimmt; jeder, der für etwas zahlt (auch wenn die Leistung an einen Dritten geht)
cliente buyer; purchaser acheteur — Celui, celle qui acheter.
cliente acquirer; buyer; purchaser acquéreur — Celui qui acquérir. Se dit surtout de celui qui acquiert des biens immobiliers.
cliente customer; client; buyer; punter client — (histoire) Romain qui se placer sous le patronage d’un citoyen noble ou puissant.

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