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comportamiento [el ~] sustantivo

  1. el comportamiento (conducta; manera; modo)
    the behaviour; the demeanour; the behavior
    – (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people 1
    the conduct; the way of behaving; the deportment; the bearing; the demeanor
  2. el comportamiento (ínfulas; aire; humos; )
    the bearing; the grand manner; the deportment
  3. el comportamiento
    the behavior
    – A component that controls various run-time aspects of a service, an endpoint, a particular operation, or a client. Behaviors are grouped according to scope: common behaviors affect all endpoints globally, service behaviors affect only service-related aspects, endpoint behaviors affect only endpoint-related properties, and operation-level behaviors affect particular operations. 2

Translation Matrix for comportamiento:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
bearing actitud afectada; aire; aires; comportamiento; conducta; humos; manera; modo; pose; postura; traza; ínfulas cojinete de bolas; rodamiento; rodamiento de bolas
behavior comportamiento; conducta; manera; modo
behaviour comportamiento; conducta; manera; modo
conduct comportamiento; conducta; manera; modo
demeanor comportamiento; conducta; manera; modo
demeanour comportamiento; conducta; manera; modo
deportment actitud afectada; aire; aires; comportamiento; conducta; humos; manera; modo; pose; postura; traza; ínfulas
grand manner actitud afectada; aire; aires; comportamiento; humos; pose; postura; traza; ínfulas
way of behaving comportamiento; conducta; manera; modo
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
conduct acompañar; dirigir; dirigir una orquesta

Sinónimos de "comportamiento":

Wiktionary: comportamiento

  1. The outward way in which a person behaves
  2. the way matter moves or acts
  3. way an animal or human behaves or acts
  4. -
  5. posture

Cross Translation:
comportamiento behavior; behaviour gedrag — de manier waarop iemand optreedt of iets ergens op reageert
comportamiento behaviour; behavior Verhalten — das, was jemand tut oder lässt und auf welche Weise
comportamiento behaviour; behavior; comportment; demeanor; demeanour comportement — Manière de se comporter

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