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consumidor [el ~] sustantivo

  1. el consumidor
    the consumer; the user
  2. el consumidor
    the consumer
  3. el consumidor
    the consumer
    – A customer purchasing product for usage at home, including home-based businesses. 1
  4. el consumidor
    the consumer
    – In a Web Parts connection, a server control that receives data from a provider control and processes or displays it. A consumer can be any type of server control, but must be designed to function as a consumer. A consumer must have a special callback method marked with a ConnectionConsumerAttribute attribute in the source code. This method receives data from the provider in the form of an interface instance. 1
  5. el consumidor (drogadicta; usuario; drogata; heroinómano)
    the druguser
  6. el consumidor (drogadicto; usuario; toxicómano; drogata; heroinómano)
    the user; the junky; the drug addict

Translation Matrix for consumidor:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
consumer consumidor
drug addict consumidor; drogadicto; drogata; heroinómano; toxicómano; usuario consumidor de drogas; drogadicto; toxicómano; yonqui
druguser consumidor; drogadicta; drogata; heroinómano; usuario
junky consumidor; drogadicto; drogata; heroinómano; toxicómano; usuario
user consumidor; drogadicto; drogata; heroinómano; toxicómano; usuario usuario

Palabras relacionadas con "consumidor":

Wiktionary: consumidor

  1. person purchasing goods

Cross Translation:
consumidor consumer Konsument — Person, die etwas verbraucht, konsumieren
consumidor consumer Verbraucher — Person, die Waren ersteht und verbrauchen
consumidor consumer consument — algemene term voor personen, huishoudens die goederen en diensten verbruiken die worden geproduceerd in de economie
consumidor consumer consommateur — (term, Économie politique) usager, utilisateur, celui qui acheter des produits pour son usage, et non pour les revendre, par opposition à marchand.

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