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  1. margen de beneficio:


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margen de beneficio:

margen de beneficio [el ~] sustantivo

  1. el margen de beneficio (margen)
    the profit margin; the margin; the margin of profit
  2. el margen de beneficio
    the markup
    – An amount added to the current or standard cost that is used to determine the sale price of various items. 1
  3. el margen de beneficio
    the profit margin
    – A measure of profitability that is calculated by using the formula: profit margin = net income before tax and interest / revenue. It can be expressed as a percentage or a number. 1

Translation Matrix for margen de beneficio:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
margin margen; margen de beneficio desviación; diferencia; divergencia; espacio libre; margen; margen de página
margin of profit margen; margen de beneficio
markup margen de beneficio revisión
profit margin margen; margen de beneficio

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