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encapsuler verbo

  1. encapsuler
    to encapsulate
    – In object-oriented programming, to keep the implementation details of a class a separate file whose contents do not need to be known by a programmer using that class. 1
    • encapsulate verbo (encapsulates, encapsulated, encapsulating)

Translation Matrix for encapsuler:

VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
encapsulate encapsuler ajouter; barrer; comprendre; contenir; contrecarrer; endiguer; enfermer; englober; envelopper; faire obstacle à; inclure; limiter; maîtriser; résister à; s'opposer à

Wiktionary: encapsuler

  1. object-oriented programming: To enclose objects in a common interface
  2. to cover as if in a capsule