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tracé [le ~] sustantivo

  1. le tracé (tentative de s'échapper)
    the avoidance; the shunning; the evading; the outflanking movement; the trying to escape from; the avoiding
  2. le tracé (tracé vectoriel)
    the path; the vector path
    – The basis for all vector objects. A path is made up of one or more line segments connected by two or more anchor points. Paths can be made from a combination of straight lines and curves, each of which may be made up of many connecting points. All paths can be stroked or filled. 1

Translation Matrix for tracé:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
avoidance tentative de s'échapper; tracé fait d'éviter
avoiding tentative de s'échapper; tracé
evading tentative de s'échapper; tracé
outflanking movement tentative de s'échapper; tracé
path tracé; tracé vectoriel allée; chaussée; chemin; chemin d'accès; chemin de campagne; chemin de halage; chemin de randonnée; chemin rural; itinéraire; manche; parcours; piste; portion de route; ronde; route; route de campagne; route pavée; rue; ruelle; sentier; tour; tournée; trajet; venelle; voie
shunning tentative de s'échapper; tracé fait d'éviter
trying to escape from tentative de s'échapper; tracé
vector path tracé; tracé vectoriel

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