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  1. ACE (vermelding voor toegangsbeheer)
    the ACE; the access control entry
    – An entry in either a securable object's discretionary access control list (DACL) or an object's system access control list (SACL). In a DACL, the entry grants or denies permissions to a user or group. In a SACL, the entry specifies which security events to audit for a particular user or group or controls the Windows Integrity Level for the object. 1
  2. ACE (Access-database-engine; Access Connectivity Engine)
    the ACE; the Access database engine; the Access Connectivity Engine
    – Part of the Access database system that retrieves and stores data in user and system databases. The engine can be thought of as a data manager on which database systems are built. 1

Translation Matrix for ACE:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
ACE ACE; Access Connectivity Engine; Access-database-engine; vermelding voor toegangsbeheer
Access Connectivity Engine ACE; Access Connectivity Engine; Access-database-engine
Access database engine ACE; Access Connectivity Engine; Access-database-engine
access control entry ACE; vermelding voor toegangsbeheer