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instigators [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the instigators (ringleaders)
    der Rädelsführer
  2. the instigators
    die Anführer; die Anstifter
  3. the instigators (agitators)
    der Anstifter; der Aufwiegler; der Aufhetzer

Translation Matrix for instigators:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Anführer instigators captain; captains; centurion; chairman; chief; chieftain; commander; commanding officer; foreman; foremen; founder; fugleman; head; headman; instigator; leader; manager; master; president; prompter; ringleader; scoutmaster; skipper; standard-bearers; tribal chief
Anstifter agitators; instigators founder; instigator; prompter; ringleader
Aufhetzer agitators; instigators agitator; agitators; discord sower; firebrand; firebrands; instigator; mutineer; rebel; rioter; trouble maker
Aufwiegler agitators; instigators agitator; firebrand; instigator; mutineer; rebel; rioter
Rädelsführer instigators; ringleaders instigator

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instigator [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the instigator (founder)
    der Gründer; der Initiator; der Urheber; der Stifter
  2. the instigator (founder; prompter; ringleader)
    der Gründer; der Initiator; der Stifter; der Urheber; der Anführer; der Anstifter
  3. the instigator (founder; prompter; ringleader)
    der Anführer; der Anreger
  4. the instigator (agitator)
    der Provokateur
  5. the instigator (firebrand; agitator)
    der Provokateur; der Hetzer; der Rebell; der Unruhestifter; der Aufwiegler; der Aufhetzer
  6. the instigator
    der Rädelsführer; der Krachmacher; der Anführer; der Rüpel; der Anstifter; die Anführerin; der Lärmmacher

Translation Matrix for instigator:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
Anführer founder; instigator; prompter; ringleader captain; captains; centurion; chairman; chief; chieftain; commander; commanding officer; foreman; foremen; fugleman; head; headman; instigators; leader; manager; master; president; scoutmaster; skipper; standard-bearers; tribal chief
Anführerin instigator Guider; Scout leader; commander; commanding officer
Anreger founder; instigator; prompter; ringleader
Anstifter founder; instigator; prompter; ringleader agitators; instigators
Aufhetzer agitator; firebrand; instigator agitator; agitators; discord sower; firebrands; instigators; mutineer; rebel; rioter; trouble maker
Aufwiegler agitator; firebrand; instigator agitator; agitators; instigators; mutineer; rebel; rioter
Gründer founder; instigator; prompter; ringleader
Hetzer agitator; firebrand; instigator
Initiator founder; instigator; prompter; ringleader initiator; originator
Krachmacher instigator brawler; bruiser; quarreler; quarreller; quarrelsome person; rowdy
Lärmmacher instigator bruiser; hooligan; loudmouth; roisterer; rowdy; rowdy person
Provokateur agitator; firebrand; instigator
Rebell agitator; firebrand; instigator agitator; insurgent; mutineer; rebel; revolter; revolutionary; rioter
Rädelsführer instigator instigators; ringleaders
Rüpel instigator boor; brat; bruiser; bumpkin; clodhopper; dolt; duffer; guy; jackanapes; lad; lout; naughty boy; naughty child; rascal; rogue; rowdy; scamp; yokel; youth
Stifter founder; instigator; prompter; ringleader
Unruhestifter agitator; firebrand; instigator bore; firebrand; firebrands; handful; nuisance; pain in the neck; pest; troublemaker
Urheber founder; instigator; prompter; ringleader architect; artist; author; maker; producer
- firebrand; inciter; initiator; instigant; provoker
OtherTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- prompter

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  1. a person who initiates a course of action1
  2. someone who deliberately foments trouble1
    • she was the instigator of their quarrel1