Traducciones detalladas de compel de inglés a español


to compel verbo (compels, compelled, compelling)

  1. to compel (force; oblige; coerce)
  2. to compel (force; oblige; oblige to)
  3. to compel (oblige to; force; oblige)

Conjugaciones de compel:

  1. compel
  2. compel
  3. compels
  4. compel
  5. compel
  6. compel
simple past
  1. compelled
  2. compelled
  3. compelled
  4. compelled
  5. compelled
  6. compelled
present perfect
  1. have compelled
  2. have compelled
  3. has compelled
  4. have compelled
  5. have compelled
  6. have compelled
past continuous
  1. was compelling
  2. were compelling
  3. was compelling
  4. were compelling
  5. were compelling
  6. were compelling
  1. shall compel
  2. will compel
  3. will compel
  4. shall compel
  5. will compel
  6. will compel
continuous present
  1. am compelling
  2. are compelling
  3. is compelling
  4. are compelling
  5. are compelling
  6. are compelling
  1. be compelled
  2. be compelled
  3. be compelled
  4. be compelled
  5. be compelled
  6. be compelled
  1. compel!
  2. let's compel!
  3. compelled
  4. compelling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for compel:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
acometer affecting; assault; attack; attacking; coming over; defamation; impairing; imputation; injuring; stealing over
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
acometer coerce; compel; force; oblige assault; attack; carve; cut in; force; hew in; hold up; lay violent hands upon; raid; rob; storm; suprise; surprise; take off guard; violate
agraviar coerce; compel; force; oblige abuse; aggrieve; assault; call names; defamate; force; hurt; hurt someone's feelings; jeer; jeer at; load; make heavier; offend; scoff at; slander; taunt; use force; weight
coaccionar compel; force; oblige; oblige to be obliged
compeler coerce; compel; force; oblige; oblige to oblige
forzar coerce; compel; force; oblige; oblige to assault; break open; crack; decode; dishonor; dishonour; enforce; force; force open; kick open; overburden; overload; rape; ravish; tear open; use force; violate
forzarse coerce; compel; force; oblige force; overburden; overload
infringir coerce; compel; force; oblige assault; force; use force; violate
machacar coerce; compel; force; oblige attack; carry on one's point; chew the cud; crush; damage; dance; dash; drive; drive in; drive piles; drum into a person's head; erode; force; nag; pulverise; pulverize; ram; rub fine; ruminate; shatter; smash; spoil; stamp in; trample; twaddle; whimper; whine
obligar coerce; compel; force; oblige; oblige to charge; command; commission; decree; dedicate; devote; dictate; enforce; exert power; force; ordain; order; press on; rule
obligar a hacer compel; force; oblige; oblige to
ordenar coerce; compel; force; oblige aggravate; arrange; assign to; assort; be in command of; bid; burden; call; card-index; charge; class; classify; clean; clear away; command; commission; decree; dedicate; devote; dictate; direct; do odd jobs; do out; entomb; exert power; force; get settled; give an order; give notice of; group; instruct; inter; ordain; order; preside; proclaim; put away; put in order; put out; put right; range; rank; redevelop; remove; renovate; restore; rule; select; settle; shunt; sift; sort; sort out; systematise; systematize; take off; take the lead; tidy up
- obligate; oblige

Sinónimos de "compel":

Definiciones relacionadas de "compel":

  1. force somebody to do something1
    • We compel all students to fill out this form1
  2. necessitate or exact1
    • the water shortage compels conservation1

Wiktionary: compel

  1. force, constrain or coerce
  2. exact by force

Cross Translation:
compel obligar; forzar noodzakendwingen, verplichten
compel coaccionar; obligar; forzar dwingen — iemand tegen zijn wil iets opleggen
compel forzar; obligar zwingen — mit Gewalt zu etwas bringen
compel obligar obliger — Mettre quelqu’un dans l’obligation de faire ou de dire quelque chose. (Sens général).