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Traducciones detalladas de extermination de inglés a español


extermination [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the extermination (extirpation; extinction; annihilation; eradication)
    la exterminación; la extirpación

Translation Matrix for extermination:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
exterminación annihilation; eradication; extermination; extinction; extirpation
extirpación annihilation; eradication; extermination; extinction; extirpation drifting apart; estrangement
- extinction; liquidation

Palabras relacionadas con "extermination":

Sinónimos de "extermination":

Definiciones relacionadas de "extermination":

  1. the act of exterminating1
  2. complete annihilation1


to exterminate verbo (exterminates, exterminated, exterminating)

  1. to exterminate (destroy)

Conjugaciones de exterminate:

  1. exterminate
  2. exterminate
  3. exterminates
  4. exterminate
  5. exterminate
  6. exterminate
simple past
  1. exterminated
  2. exterminated
  3. exterminated
  4. exterminated
  5. exterminated
  6. exterminated
present perfect
  1. have exterminated
  2. have exterminated
  3. has exterminated
  4. have exterminated
  5. have exterminated
  6. have exterminated
past continuous
  1. was exterminating
  2. were exterminating
  3. was exterminating
  4. were exterminating
  5. were exterminating
  6. were exterminating
  1. shall exterminate
  2. will exterminate
  3. will exterminate
  4. shall exterminate
  5. will exterminate
  6. will exterminate
continuous present
  1. am exterminating
  2. are exterminating
  3. is exterminating
  4. are exterminating
  5. are exterminating
  6. are exterminating
  1. be exterminated
  2. be exterminated
  3. be exterminated
  4. be exterminated
  5. be exterminated
  6. be exterminated
  1. exterminate!
  2. let's exterminate!
  3. exterminated
  4. exterminating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for exterminate:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
extirpar amputating; amputation; removing; taking
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
exterminar destroy; exterminate execute; execute capital punishment; kill; shoot dead; take someone's life
extirpar destroy; exterminate clear away; clear out; clear up; dismantle; empty; lift out; pull out; remove; strip down; sweep away; take apart a machine; take out; unharness; unrig; wipe out
- eradicate; extirpate; kill off; root out; uproot

Palabras relacionadas con "exterminate":

Sinónimos de "exterminate":

Definiciones relacionadas de "exterminate":

  1. kill en masse; kill on a large scale; kill many1
    • Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews, Gypsies, Communists, and homosexuals of Europe1
  2. destroy completely, as if down to the roots1

Wiktionary: exterminate

  1. to kill all of a population

Cross Translation:
exterminate exterminar exterminerdétruire jusqu’à l’anéantissement.