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  1. wipe off:
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Traducciones detalladas de wipe off de inglés a español

wipe off:

to wipe off verbo (wipes off, wiped off, wiping off)

  1. to wipe off

Conjugaciones de wipe off:

  1. wipe off
  2. wipe off
  3. wipes off
  4. wipe off
  5. wipe off
  6. wipe off
simple past
  1. wiped off
  2. wiped off
  3. wiped off
  4. wiped off
  5. wiped off
  6. wiped off
present perfect
  1. have wiped off
  2. have wiped off
  3. has wiped off
  4. have wiped off
  5. have wiped off
  6. have wiped off
past continuous
  1. was wiping off
  2. were wiping off
  3. was wiping off
  4. were wiping off
  5. were wiping off
  6. were wiping off
  1. shall wipe off
  2. will wipe off
  3. will wipe off
  4. shall wipe off
  5. will wipe off
  6. will wipe off
continuous present
  1. am wiping off
  2. are wiping off
  3. is wiping off
  4. are wiping off
  5. are wiping off
  6. are wiping off
  1. be wiped off
  2. be wiped off
  3. be wiped off
  4. be wiped off
  5. be wiped off
  6. be wiped off
  1. wipe off!
  2. let's wipe off!
  3. wiped off
  4. wiping off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

wipe off [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the wipe off (dust; remove)
    el desempolvar; el quitar el polvo; el limpiar el polvo; el limpiar

Translation Matrix for wipe off:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cepillar planing down
desempolvar dust; remove; wipe off
limpiar dust; remove; wipe off scrubbing
limpiar el polvo dust; remove; wipe off
quitar amputating; amputation; deprivation; removing; taking
quitar el polvo dust; remove; wipe off
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cepillar wipe off brush; plane down; shave off; skin; sweep
desempolvar clear away; clear up; dust; remove
limpiar wipe off blot out; brush up; buff; clean; clean out; clean up; clear; clear out; cure; delete; do odd jobs; doll up; eliminate; empty; erase; finish; give a good cleaning; groom; gut and cure; polish; remove; rub out; rub smooth; spruce up; sweep; tidy out; tidy up; trick up; wash; wipe; wipe out
quitar wipe off chisel off; clean; clear; clear out; cut away; cut off; deprive; empty; evacuate; get down; give a good cleaning; lift out; loot; pillage; plunder; pull down; pull out; raid; release; remove; rid of; rob; snatch; steal; take down from; take out; trim away; undo; unpick; wash
- efface; erase; rub out; score out; wipe away

Sinónimos de "wipe off":

Definiciones relacionadas de "wipe off":

  1. remove by wiping1
  2. remove by or as if by rubbing or erasing1

Wiktionary: wipe off

Cross Translation:
wipe off borrar effacer — Faire disparaître plus ou moins, parler de la forme, des couleurs de quelque chose.

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