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title [the ~] sustantivo

  1. the title
    le titre de livre
  2. the title (legal title; claim; legal ground; ownership; demand)
    le fondement juridique; le droit
  3. the title (dignity)
    le titre de mérite; le titre; le titre de dignité; la dignité
  4. the title (heading; caption)
    le titre; l'en-tête
  5. the title (denomination; term; name)
    la dénomination; la désignation; l'appellation; le nom; le terme; le titre
  6. the title (predicate; name)
    le prédicat; l'attribut
  7. the title (degree in science; grade)
    le grade; le grade scientifique; le titre; le rang
  8. the title
    – On a DVD, typically, the largest unit of content, such as a movie or TV program, is called a title. There is not a consistent standard across all DVDs and because of this, a DVD can contain one or more titles. 1
    le titre
    • titre [le ~] sustantivo

Translation Matrix for title:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
appellation denomination; name; term; title designation; name; term
attribut name; predicate; title attribute; definition; fixing; function; group of words; phrase; quality
dignité dignity; title dignity; respectability; self esteem; self respect; stateliness
droit claim; demand; legal ground; legal title; ownership; title jurisprudence; justice; justness; right; righteousness; rightness; soundness
dénomination denomination; name; term; title designation; name; term
désignation denomination; name; term; title appointment; designation; indicating; name; nomination; pointing out; showing; term
en-tête caption; heading; title beginning; beginning of a letter; caption; head; headline; inscription; legend; letterhead; marginal note
fondement juridique claim; demand; legal ground; legal title; ownership; title
grade degree in science; grade; title degree; hierarchy; level; order of rank; rank
grade scientifique degree in science; grade; title
nom denomination; name; term; title designation; fame; label; last name; name; noun; reputation; respectability; substantive; substantive noun; term
prédicat name; predicate; title expression; facial expression; look; predicate
rang degree in science; grade; title class; degree; file; hierarchy; joint; level; line; order of rank; position; rank; row; social class; social group; social position
terme denomination; name; term; title closing date; deadline; designation; duration; finishing post; little while; name; period; period of time; running time; space of time; speech; term; time-limit
titre caption; degree in science; denomination; dignity; grade; heading; name; term; title affectation; beginning; beginning of a letter; designation; element; elementary component; fineness; fundamental ingredient; gold content; head; heading; headline; hierarchy; ingredient; level; name; order of rank; parliamentary party; part; partner share; portion; pose; principle ingredient; put on; rank; section; segment; share; swank; term
titre de dignité dignity; title
titre de livre title
titre de mérite dignity; title
- championship; claim; deed; deed of conveyance; form of address; rubric; statute title; title of respect
VerbTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
- entitle; style
Not SpecifiedTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
en-tête header; page header; running head
ModifierTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
droit bolt upright; cantankerous; crabbed; crusty; dead straight; direct; erect; fair; frank; frontal; gruff; grumpy; honest; honorable; honourable; just; nagging; open; perpendicular; right-minded; righteous; rigid; sincere; straight; sullen; surly; true; true-hearted; upright

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Definiciones relacionadas de "title":

  1. an informal right to something2
    • his title to fame2
  2. an established or recognized right2
    • he had no documents confirming his title to his father's estate2
  3. an identifying appellation signifying status or function: e.g. `Mr.' or `General'2
    • the professor didn't like his friends to use his formal title2
  4. an appellation signifying nobility2
    • `your majesty' is the appropriate title to use in addressing a king2
  5. the name of a work of art or literary composition etc.2
    • he looked for books with the word `jazz' in the title2
    • he refused to give titles to his paintings2
    • I can never remember movie titles2
  6. a heading that names a statute or legislative bill; may give a brief summary of the matters it deals with2
  7. (usually plural) written material introduced into a movie or TV show to give credits or represent dialogue or explain an action2
    • the titles go by faster than I can read2
  8. a general or descriptive heading for a section of a written work2
    • the novel had chapter titles2
  9. a legal document signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to possess it2
    • he kept the title to his car in the glove compartment2
  10. the status of being a champion2
    • he held the title for two years2
  11. designate by an identifying term2
  12. give a title to2
  13. On a DVD, typically, the largest unit of content, such as a movie or TV program, is called a title. There is not a consistent standard across all DVDs and because of this, a DVD can contain one or more titles.1

Wiktionary: title

  1. prefix or suffix added to a name
  2. certificate of ownership
  3. name of a book, etc
  4. subject of a writing
  1. droit|fr Document officiel, rédigé par un notaire à la demande de son client.
  2. désignation

Cross Translation:
title titre titel — aanduiding van een persoon
title titre titel — opschrift van een document
title propriété EigentumRecht, kein Plural: Recht, mit einer Sache nach Belieben zu verfahren
title titre Titel — die Überschrift eines Textes beziehungsweise der Name eines Buches
title titre Titel — eine Auszeichnung einer Person
title titre AnredeUmgangsform, Grußhandlung: eine Bezeichnung oder Benennung, mit der man Personen anspricht
title droit AnrechtBerechtigung, eine Sache zu erwerben oder in Anspruch zu nehmen

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