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frecuencia [la ~] sustantivo

  1. la frecuencia (apartar del números)
    the frequency; the number of times
  2. la frecuencia (hercio)
    the hertz; the cycles per second
  3. la frecuencia (hercio)
    the frequency; the cycles per second; the hertz
  4. la frecuencia
    the frequency
    – The measure of how often a periodic event occurs, such as a signal going through a complete cycle. Frequency is usually measured in hertz (Hz), with 1 Hz equaling 1 occurrence (cycle) per second. Frequency is also measured in kilohertz (kHz, or 1,000 Hz), megahertz (MHz, or 1,000 kHz), gigahertz (GHz, or 1,000 MHz), or terahertz (THz, or 1,000 GHz). 1
  5. la frecuencia
    the frequency
    – In Windows Media Player, the number, such as 88.5 or 101.7, used to locate a radio station. 1

Translation Matrix for frecuencia:

NounTraducciones relacionadasOther Translations
cycles per second frecuencia; hercio
frequency apartar del números; frecuencia; hercio frecuencia vibratoria; longitud de onda; onda hertziana
hertz frecuencia; hercio hertz
number of times apartar del números; frecuencia

Palabras relacionadas con "frecuencia":

  • frecuencias

Wiktionary: frecuencia

  1. number of occurrences divided by time
  2. property of occurring often rather than infrequently
  3. rate of occurrence of anything

Cross Translation:
frecuencia frequency FrequenzHäufigkeit
frecuencia frequency Häufigkeit — Menge des Vorkommens von etwas
frecuencia frequency frequentie — 2. aantal keren of herhalingen per tijdseenheid

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